Sing, Act, Dance, and Play!


Now on its eight consecutive year, Little Boy Productions will hold summer theater workshops for kids and teens ages 4 to 12 years old. This will be from May 5 to 17 at the Bright Academy campus in Talamban. What makes these workshops so special? “Our workshops are under the supervision of actors from Repertory Philippines and Trumpets, working with local music teachers and performers from Little Boy Productions. That’s years and years of experience teaching and doing professional theater in Manila and Cebu” says executive producer Hendri Go. A theater workshop is both a great learning experience and a fun way for kids and teens to spend the summer. Working and playing theater games together, they develop creativity, discipline, a sense of accomplishment, and other life skills that last long after the summer has gone. The classes for younger kids will focus on music and movement, and creative activities such as art, storytelling and games as a way to channel their energies creatively. The teens class will introduce improvisation, creative dramatics, and basics of musical theater. The workshops will run a total of 12 sessions, culminating with a interactive showcase on the last day.

Registration is now open and slots are limited. For more information, please contact 416-1500 and look for Miss Cindy.

Summer Workshop