LH Leadership Conference 2012 at Oakridge Pavillion


The LH Foundation Inc. hosted  LH Leadership Conference 2012 entitled “Be a Champion”  last July 27 at the Oakridge Pavilion of Oakridge Business Park, A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City.


First speaker was former tennis player and TV host Dyan Castillejo who gave a talk about having a “Heart of A Champion.” Ms. Castillejo  gave a lot of very useful points. Here are a few:

1. Practice.Practice.Practice

2. Use time Wisely

3. Watch other people and learn from them

4. Be confident, not intimidated,  but not cocky

5. Work hard , learn, study and sacrifice

6. Help others, share your blessings and talent

Dyan Castillejo



Celebrity couple Suzi and Paolo Abrera talks about “Raising Champions.” Suzi and Paolo raise their children in a way that when they impose they still have their kids’ opinion. The couple also send out a message to parents that in being effective parents, both should act as “parents first coach second.” And in raising champions, you should be champions yourselves.

Celebrity Couple Suzi and Paolo Abrera



Philippine Azkals talked about “Building a Championship Team.” Here are a few pointers from their talk:

1. Know your Team -Know your strengths. Strengths dictates your tactics.

2. Passion for a common goal

3. Practice .Practice. Practice


Philippine Azkals


Being part of the leadership conference is a great learning experience. Being a leader myself, the pointers the speakers shared to the participants would be a big help in understanding my team members more, being a good listener and being a better leader. LH Leadership Conference 2012 – Be A Champion, downright excellent conference for aspiring leaders, champions, coaches, parents, students and people who want to excel in their fields.


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