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Sugbusog 2014 – Street Food Classic Dos

Make your Sinulog 2014 celebration even more festive with Café Marco’s Culinary Journeys: Sugbusog 2014 – Street Food Classics Dos!


Sugbusog 2014 -Street Food Classics Dos offers you the finest of Filipino street food served in a 5-star hotel setting. Feast on Kinilaw, Balot, Kwek-Kwek; as well as all time Cebuano favorite Humba, the most popular Lechon de Cebu and a lot more. Enjoy all the Filipino street food that you are so fond of, or have always wanted to try right from the “Best Buffet in Cebu City”, Café Marco.

Under the supervision of Cebu’s Culinary Guru Ms. Jessica Avila, Café Marco’s “Culinary Journeys” Sugbusog – Street Food Classics was first featured in 2013. The feast kicked of Café Marco’s “Culinary Journeys” for the year. Regular guests, Balikbayans and new diners gave Sugbusog-Street Food Classics a two thumbs-up.

So come and feast Sugbusog 2014 – Street Food Classics Dos from 10 to 20 January 2014, on top of the international lunch and dinner buffet.


For inquiries and reservations, please call: Cebu (63 32) 253 1111 or Manila at (63 2) 887 1263.


Cocina Del Siglo at Marco Polo Plaza

Cafe Marco whips up a selection of favorite Filipino dishes with Spaniard influences in celebration of 115 years of Philippine Independence.


Cocine del Siglo at Cafe Marco

Cocine del Siglo at Cafe Marco

Perfected through recipes passed on from generation to generation with the guidance of culinary guru Ms. Jessica Avila, treat yourselves to  servings of arroz valenciana, pata humba, mechado, adobo de carajay, bangus salad with kesong puti and more!


Cocina Del Siglo at Cafe Marco

Cocina Del Siglo at Cafe Marco

Cocina Del Siglo at Cafe Marco

Cocina Del Siglo at Cafe Marco

Cocina Del Siglo at Cafe Marco

Cocina Del Siglo at Cafe Marco

June 7 to 16, 2013, feast on Filipino favorites at Cafe Marco in celebration of the Philippine Independence.

For inquiries and reservations, call 253-1111 local 8245.

Marco Polo Plaza Welcomes the Year of the Water Snake

February 9, 2013, 7PM. Marco Polo Plaza begun the celebration of the Chinese New Year with the annual Yee Sang Tossing ceremony participated by special guests from the province, media and Filipino-Chinese community. Gathered around the Yee Sang with Marco polo Plaza’s signature giant chopsticks, tossed the salad into the air. Yee Sang is also known as the Prosperity Toss and it is said that the higher you toss, the more luck you will have.


A lion dance also commenced in the hotel to bring in good fortune.Traditional tossing of coins and firecrackers display was also held to ward off evil spirits.


The year of the water snake is the beginning of the nine year cycle. Water Snakes are influential and insightful. They are motivated and very determined about success. They are intuitive, introspective, refined and collective Animal Signs. Also celebrated during the Chinese new year was Culinary China at cafe Marco where they served Chinese favorites on top of the international buffet served at the restaurant!







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Blogged by: Doyzkie Buenaviaje | Photos by Edd Buenaviaje | IT: Reymond Buenaviaje

Blush Debutante and Bridal Fashion Show



Marco Polo Plaza Cebu presents Blush – A Debutante and Bridal Fashion Show featuring the Fashion Council of Cebu.


Sabores de Espana at Cafe Marco

What: Sabores de Espana Spanish Food Festival

Where: Cafe Marco, Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Lahug Cebu City

When: July 10-17, 2012


On it’s 5th year, Sabores de Espana Spanish Food Festival is happening from July 10th to the 17th! Don’t miss going to a Spanish gastronomic adventure before the food festival ends for the year 2012.


Sabores de Espana

A few of our favorites are Paella Valenciana, Calamares con Ajos y Pimenton, Pollo Chilindron and Spanish Hamonada!

Calamares con Ajos y Pimenton

Paella Valenciana by Ms. Gema Pido


Pollo Chilindron


Spanish Hamonada



Check the Sabores de Espana Spanish Food Festival til Tuesday next week, July 17, 2012 and have a taste of awesome Spanish dishes! For inquiries and reservations, call  (63 32) 253-1111.


Blog by Doyzkie and Reymond Buenaviaje




Culinary Journey: Treasured Recipes

Handed across generations, “Treasured Recipes” are prepared by the hands of two of Cebu’s Culinary Icons— Ms. Cristina ‘Tina’ Ebrada and Ms.Teresin Mendezona with Marco Polo Plaza’s Food Consultant, Ms. Jessica Avila.

Ten-day Culinary Journey,celebrating the legacy of food, loved and tested through time. ♥

When: June 8-17, 2012

Restaurant: Cafe Marco

Address: Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Lahug Cebu City 6000

Telephone Number: (63 32) 253-1111

Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

WiFi: Yes

Food: International

Type of Dining: Casual

Culinary Journeys:Treasured Recipes

Café Marco – Sooo Pinoy Edition

Restaurant: Café Marco

Address: Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Apas, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines

Tel. No. 6332. 253 1111

Operating Hours:
Breakfast 06.00H – 10.30H
Lunch 12.00H – 14.30H
Dinner 18.30H – 22.00H

Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

Text: Chloe Palang | Photos by: Reymond Buenaviaje


Much talked about Café Marco resides at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu. Recognized as “the best buffet in Cebu”, Café Marco continues to attract continues first-time diners and regulars to feast on stretches of all Filipino and Continental favorites; Asian treats from their Chinese ad Japanese stations; the freshest greens at the salad bar and a luscious spread for the sweet tooth on their dessert station.


In line with the Sooo Pinoy Food Trip sponsored by Uniliver Food Solutions and Department of Tourism, we were treated by Cafe Marco with Filipino dishes! Molo soup is a Filipino dish fondly dubbed as the “soup to calm the nerves” by Marco Polo’s consultant for Filipino cuisine, Ms. Jessica Avila. Launched during the MICE Conference August 2011 it has since been a favorite for hotel guests.
The noted difference is the use of the chicken’s back meat and the soup from the chicken’s bones made tasty by shredded pieces of ham.

Culinary Canada at the Marco Polo

Canada, the second largest country in the world with 970  million hectares of farmland, links to 3 of the world’s largest oceans, 25% of the world’s fresh water, stringent food safety standards, CAD35 Billion in annual agrifood export and is one of the world’s best sources of innovation technologies. The Embassy of Canada and The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service gives Cebuanos a foretaste of Canada through food made with the country’s produce.


February 24, 2012 marks the launching of Culinary Canada at the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel. Cafe Marco will host Canadian dishes using Canadian products for Culinary Canada from February 24 until March 4, 2012. Last year’s Culinary Canada highlight was Canadian Pork. Canada’s meat products  start from the finest livestock. The high animal health standards and state-of-the-art processing technologies allow Canadian industry to provide wholesome and great tasting meat products fresh, frozen or processed.

Vancouver Oysters

 Canada supports more than 160 species of fish and seafood and exports them fresh, frozen, smoked and canned to more than 130 countries. During the Culinary Canada launch, we were able to partake on these fresh and sweet Vancouver Oysters, which will also be served ala carte at Cafe Marco until March 4, 2012 for the entire run of Culinary Canada. A must try for oyster lovers!


Seafood Soup

Made with Canadian seafoods, flavors are deliciously  fresh and clean.

Horticulture in Canada produces more than 120 different crops including vegetables, fruit, flowers and ornamental plants. Canadian fruits and vegetables are also exported fresh, frozen, and processed into sauces, preserves, pies and flavoring ingredients. Other key horticulture crops are honey and Canada’s famous maple syrup.

Canadian Pavlova with berry preserves

Custard with Canadian Honey

Born in Ontario, Marco Polo’s  Canadian Executive Chef Luke Gagnon showcased his skills to invited guests and delighted them through a cooking demonstration.

Marco Polo's Canadian Executive Chef Luke Gagnon

Be sure to taste a bit of Canada until March 4, 2012 at  Marco Polo’s Culinary Canada! Call 032-2531111 for inquiries and reservations.

My brother Edd  and I being invited for the second time by the Embassy of Canada and The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service for Culinary Canada is such an honor, so thank you so much for sharing the Canadian experience with us.

Text: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje | Photos by: Edd Buenaviaje

Ilocano Food Festival at Cafe Marco

Marco Polo takes us to another amazing gastonomic adventure.Now they’re treating us to the exciting padaya food festival or Ilocano food festival. Discover the steamy and contrasting flavors of different vegetables, empanada, kaldereta, pinakbet and more. Guest chef Danny dela Cuesta flies toCebu to recreate the Ilocos heritage Cuisine, featuring specialties eaten by our heroes of long ago. Ilocano Food Festival at the Cafe Marco, Marco Polo runs from April 8 -17, 2011.

For inquiries and reservations Call Marco Polo at (032) 253 1111.

Ilocano food Festival