Japanese Restaurant in Cebu

Kotobukiya Authentic Japanese Noodles and Curry

Resaturant Name: Kotobukiya Authentic Japanese Noodles and Curry

Address: 1st Floor JCentre Mall, A.S. Fortuna St. Mandaue City 6014

Food: Japanese noodles, curry and gyoza

Mode of Payment: Cash

Wifi: Yes


It’s 12 noon and my siblings and I were shopping for some kitchen stuff at a Japanese store in Parkmall. My sister, after seeing a gyoza maker, suddenly craved for Japanese cuisine for lunch. My brother Edd suggested we try out the new ramen house at JCentre Mall , Kotobukiya.



As soon as we enter Kotobukiya Restaurant, we were greeted in Japanese by a waiter then he ushered us to our table. The smell of miso made us hungrier and as soon as we found ourselves settled down in our seats, the menu was handed to us. Really attentive waiter is such a relief specially to very hungry customers. Browsing the menu, I noticed  that there’s no california maki, no sashimi , no sushi and no tempura, making me check and glance back at the paper placemat and it says ” Authentic Japanese Noodles and Curry! ”


Wondering how to eat Japanese noodles the right way? Fear not for they have instruction on how to eat Japanese noodles! ^_^

Kotobukiya - How to eat Japanese Noodles


Kotobukiya Radish Salad

Kotobukiya Radish Salad (Price : 55php) Radish and cucumber’s clean taste is flavored with semi sweet rice wine vinegar and dark sesame seed oil  topped with nutty notes of toasted sesame seeds that gives the salad a flavorful crunch.


Kotobukiya Curry Rice

Kotobukiya Curry rice ‘s (190php) picture on the menu might not tickle your craving for curry but you would be intrigued if you get to know what its made of. Kotobukiya Curry uses 100% Japanese apples for their curry paste and uses fine honey to make it tastier. Kotobukiya claims that Japanese kids love this taste. If you like your curry sweet , then am sure you would love Kotobukiya Curry Rice.


Japanese Fried Chicken Set

Just add 85php to your Curry Rice you can avail of Japanese Fried Chicken set. 3 piece chicken breaded meat with rice. Personally I find the taste  a bit blunt so it’s good to squeeze the lemon on the chicken to add a bit of zest to it.

Kotobukiya Miso Ramen

Kotobukiya Miso Ramen with extra chashu (Price: 235php) is the main event of our lunch. The miso soup is full of natural flavors and the smooth thin noodles goes great with the miso soup. The serving is good for sharing.


Kotobukiya Gyoza

5 pieces of Kotobukiya Gyoza at 90php.

My siblings and I enjoyed the ramen experience and it was a great rainy afternoon treat. ^_^

Sumo Sam: Fresh take on Japanese Cuisine

Since the day Sumo Sam opened in Cebu, I was really captivated with the cozy and chill set-up of the couches outside the restaurant. I have to be honest but I have not been, tasted or even heard of Sumo Sam until it opened here in Cebu. It was the eve of Halloween and iLuvCebu.com Team was so busy with all the preparation for Cosplay HD (a cosplay event we produced with Ayala Center Cebu, Cedf-IT and Cebu Business Park) and our guests who are Elite Cosplay Team from Manila – Tuxedo Team who totally loves Japanese food and iLuvCebu.com Team was also craving for some Japanese goodness and refreshing green tea (which by the way is available and is REFILLABLE/Bottomless at Sumo Sam Cebu, Awesooooome!) so we decided to eat at the new Japanese restaurant at The Terraces, Sumo Sam.

Getting cool and cozy at Sumo Sam - Photo by Sumo Sam Cebu

Sumo Sam Cebu


Team Tuxedo enjoying Sumo Sam

Interiors are modern Japanese with warm and urbane lights.

Interiors at Sumo Sam


Cool condiment saucer


I have to commend the attendants for being polite, attentive and fast! And the food at Sumo Sam is uniquely Japanese. What I have noticed is that for every dish I have tasted at Sumo Sam, they do not  have the same taste with the dishes I have eaten at any Japanese restaurants here in Cebu- I guess they added some unique Sumo Samness in very dish on the menu. Which I guess is a good thing – like for me I sooo love California Maki and I could devour 2 rolls in one sitting ( yeah yeah , I know am such a peehg, :P)  and Sumo Sam‘s version has all the key ingredients with  a little bit smokey twist which was really appetizing that you’d crave for again and again.

Sumo Sam Sampler


Bota Yakiniku

Check Sumo Sam out at The Terraces at Ayala Center Cebu! iLuvCebu.com team would like to thank our beautiful and wonderful host Ms. Shanna Lopez for taking care and entertaining iLuvCebu.com Team and Team Tuxedo of Manila during our dinner.

iLuvCebu.com Team, Team Tuxedo and Ms. Shanna Lopez of Sumo Sam Cebu