Ushering the year of the Water Dragon, the Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa jubilated the Chinese New Year with the traditional Yee Sang tossing, lion and dragon dance,  firework display, entertainment and a grand buffet!

The dotting of the lions’ eyes and Yee Sang toss was held at the Imperial Palace Hotel lobby. “Dotting the Eye” refers to the Chinese tradition of painting/dotting the eye of the Chinese lion before the start of the lion dance to awaken the spirit of the lion. Hoi Gong is a traditional Chinese ceremony to bless and awaken a new lion. The ceremony brings down the spirit of the lion from the heaven and give the lion life, signifying the birth of a new lion into the world. It is believed that if the lion be used at any event not undergoing Hoi Gong or dotting ceremony would bring misfortune and bad luck. AGM Jonathan Nowell and CEO Jason Uy  dotted the lion’s eye and then did the Yee Sang toss with  Chef Kenny & President Justin Uy.  

AGM Jonathan Nowell during the eye dotting ceremony - Photo contributed by ImperialPalace

CEO Jason Uy preparing for the Eye Dotting - Photo contributed by ImperialPalace

Yee Sang Toss or Prosperity Toss. You ‘d  notice the different  interesting colors of the Yee Sang.  Yee Sang itself symbolizes good luck but each ingredient actually represent and symbolize something – like for Daikon or white raddish symbolizes purity prosperity in business and promotion at work, , the green raddish for eternal youth, carrots for money and blessings of good luck, peanuts for long life of abundance, sesame seeds symbolizes flourishing business, five spice for thrill and excitement and plum sauce for sweetness in life and more luck.

L-R GM, Chef Kenny, President Justin Uy, CEO Jason Uy & AGM - Photo contributed by ImperialPalace


Everyone then headed to the pool area where a grand buffet was set up for the guests and it is where everyone enjoyed the best view of the fireworks which happened at around 8pm. Then a showcase of Chinese songs and dance were part of the Imperial Palace’s Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by Ms. Natasha Cang.

Imperial Palace - photo by Reymond Buenaviaje (


Fireworks - photo contributed by Imperial Palace

Photo by Reymond Buenaviaje (

Photo by Reymond Buenaviaje (