My brother Edd and I just have to get our last serving of our favorite kaya toast and roti bun after hearing from good friends, Eloise Daniot and Homer Medici, that Kopi Roti¬†at the The Gallery will soon be shutting down. Since there was no notice posted in the cafe telling that operations will soon come to an end, I asked the cashier and the attendants to confirm the news. Marilou, the cashier confirmed Kopi Roti’s cessation is within stone’s throw – unless someone would take over it’s ownership or probably its franchise. So when’s Kopi Roti Cebu passing? It’s this Wednesday, February 29. ūüôĀ


A few of the things that will surely be missed!

Kaya Toast


Kopi Roti Dinosaur

Iced Milk Tea

Visit Kopi Roti before they  leave Cebu on February 29.

Kopi Roti


Kopi Roti


Text by: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje ¬†| Photos by: Edd Buenaviaje