The city we know well of for its beautiful acacia cove, impressive historic houses,  delicious chicharon, juicy lechon, sweet colorful bokarilyo, ampao blocks and quality leather products has another feat that the rest of us will be looking forward to every year – the Kabkaban Festival!

The city of Carcar commemorates the festival every 15th to 25th of November in honor of the city’s patroness, Saint Catherine of Alexandria. As per the locals, Kabkaban Festival is a dance ritual done to ward off bad spirits and attract good omen.  The term “kabkaban” however was coined from from kabkab leaves that grow on the barks of acacia trees that are abundant in the place. Today, the festival has evolved to more than just a dance, but a celebration of the city’s colorful history and the present abundance it has been blessed with.

This year’s festivities was highlighted with the Kabkaban Dance Parade at the historic Santa Catalina Street en route to the City Government Center for the grand finale presentation demonstrated by 10 groups belonging to different high schools of Carcar.  The Kabkaban presentation tells an entertaining story of the city’s history progressing to an exhibit of the present.

Also, Binibining Carcar, a week-long agro fair and nightly shows were among the main features of the Kabkaban Festival 2015.

Kabkaban 3


Cabcaban 18

Cabcaban 2

Kabkaban 1


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Cabcaban 8

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Cabcaban 9

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Cabcaban 15

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