Juicyfied Healthy Cafe

Address: Unit 10 TAA Center Building F. Cabahug St. Kasambagan Mabolo Cebu City

Contact number: 09065085064

Operating Hours: Mondays – Saturdays 11am to 10pm. (Closed on Sundays)

Mode of Payment: Cash

Free WiFi: Yes

Parking: Yes

juicyfied Cafe

Earlier this year, Juicyfied started selling their signature drinks online and their detox programs were widely embraced by Cebuano health buffs and fanatics. Many Cebuano personalities also joined in the health caravan, drinking in the healthy benefits of Juicyfied signature blends and shared their love for Juicyfied by getting the word out. It was an instant hit.

Just this month, an even greater news for juicing fans and health buffs, Juicyfied Healthy Cafe is finally open! The cafe is as colorful as the juices they are serving, the interiors and fixtures are vibrant in color with a mix of wood and cork giving you a homey feel.

Juicyfied Healthy Cafe is serving 22 Juice Blends, plus 4 blends for kids. A few of my personal favorite blends are White Candy (Almond Milk+ Chia Seeds + Agave + Vanilla + Sea Salt) , Chocoholic (Almond Milk + Cocoa + Agave + Sea Salt + Vanilla + Chia Seeds) , Posh (Apple+ Grapes + Pears + Strawberries) , Sunrizer (Apple, Cucumber + Orange) and Coffeeholic (Almond Milk +Arabica Coffee+ Agave + Sea salt + Vanilla) .

Jucified cebu copy

Hungry and want something to eat without the guilt? Healthy entrees, salads, pastas , sandwiches and healthy treats are also available at the Juicyfied Healthy Cafe!


One of my favorites at the cafe is the Couscous with slices of Spanish sardines granished with diced tomatoes and slices of black olives. Healthy yum!


Juicyfied 2

I also enjoyed the Grilled Chicken Sandwich – made with whole wheat bread with organic Chicken + Pineapple bits + Tomatoes + Lettuce with their homemade greek yogurt spread.

Juicyfied Cafe 4

Perfect meal enders – Fruit Parfait and Frozen Almond Milk with Chia Seeds!

Their fruit parfait is a delicious medley of mango, Banana, Kiwi, Dragon Fruit and Greek Yogurt.

Juicyfied 1

The frozen almond milk with Chia seeds is a great way to cool down on a hot humid afternoon.

Juicyfied 3


Visit Juicyfied Healthy Cafe and tell share us with us your experience and your favorites!