“One of the country’s top leading men and endorser is no superman!”

John Lloyd Cruz a.k.a. “JLC”, “Lloydie”, or “Mr. Ingat” has gone a long way since his first inception to the entertainment industry. Among others arising from being a co-actor to the big star he is today wasn’t a bread talk for him. Through the years his dedication to his career and passion for his craft has led him to bag several awards from FAMAS, PMPC, and the ENPRESS Golden Screen Entertainment TV Awards to name a few.

Together with Biogesic spends his first brand endorsement fans day here in Cebu. ILuvCebu team was privileged to be invited on his presscon at the Radisson Hotel. Read on and know more about John Lloyd and how he does it!

With your line of work what ususally gives you headache?

Madami actually. Lack of sleep number one, not to be able to eat on time specially during tapings. Since I have to finish a certain umber of scenes continuously which would end me up skipping meals that results to headache.

Was there a time that your love life has given you a headache?

Hindi nman. Heartache usually and its different.

What is you memorable commercial wioth biogesic?

With my 5 years with Biogesic the first one is the most memorable. It’s when I did a 45 seconder add and i have to smile for the longest time. Of course if you are an actor, so much is expected of you when you do a commercial. So you really have to do your best. And I’m very glad the output was great and hits the people!

How Biogesic helps you as an actor?

Biogesic launched my product endorsement career. I remember how after I represented Biogesic several brands started getting me to endorse their products as well!

How do you find the role of Mateo in your show Imortal?

Well this is my first time to do a fiction role. Its very difficult at times especially now as we open a new season for the series. It gets dark and violent at the same time. My character has became so dark and angry. And shooting  the series three times a week for six months already would really bring in the character in to you that at times its really hard not to bring in it with you even when you’re out of the job already.

Does intrigues give you headache?

Intrigues not so much, but there are some that are too much already that they become frustrations. Just like the recent intrigue between I and Shaina Magdayao. Because when people attacks you they don’t only hurt you emotionally but also your family and your loved ones and its becomes really frustrating.

Do you have any other products aside from Biogesic that you would want to endorse?

Yes I do. But first I have to belienve in the brand before i start endorsing it. Because it would be really hard for me endorsing something I am not really using. What i want to endorse now specifically is a bath soap i have been using. But I wont say which brand, not yet!

Who discovered the signature line “INGAT”?

I never expected “ingat” could possibly exchanged my name.lolz!  It was a billiant concept because people could really remember the line directing as Biogesic. I’m very proud of it making a mark to the people.

Was there insatances that you gave headache to the producton people?

None that I can remember, but i hope it never happened. Nonetheless if i did its not my intention or can never be anybody’s intention to give someone a headache right? I really hope i didn’t.

How do you spend your free time?

Im visual so I watch movies at home and do stuff anything that my family and I can enjoy then eat out or simply order some food in then spend the whole day at home. I always wanted to allow myself to come to a certain point where there is nothing I can do anymore. For me its the ultimate leisure when I can finally say to myself “wla ako magawa”.Lol

What can you advise to all the people out there?

Passion, hard work, dedication plus being safe and healthy! All these are key ingredients to doing what you do well. Success and the recognition are just bonuses in the equation. “Pag wala kang sakit ng ulo, wlang sakit na nararamdaman”, you fell good and you look good! Kaya naman mas maayos ang trabaho. Good job ka sa trabaho!

What is your message for all the Cebuano fans out there?

First of all i would like to say thank you so much for the support they have given me since I started in the business. I would not be where I am today if not for that support. To Biogesic for entrusting me to endorse them for five years now. For helping me do my job everyday!

iLuvCebu.com team Doyzkie, Nike , Nowie, and Edd with John Lloyd Cruz.