Cebu is blessed with proximity. Just 30-60minutes from Cebu City, you can either go up the mountain of Busay to enjoy a panoramic view of the 3 major cities of Cebu or caper on a boat to an island hopping adventure and take pleasure in swimming in the clear waters of Cebu. Since I walked you guys through on a zipline adventure in Busay just last January, now let me take you on an island adventure with my family and friends aboard Islands Banca.

Islands Banca

Island hopping is a very popular activity enjoyed both by locals and tourist all year round here in Cebu. Enjoy Cebu’s crystal clear waters, sandbars, white sand island beaches and many underwater activities. So when visiting Cebu,  be sure to allot a day for an island hopping trip. Islands Banca offers hassle free island hopping adventure packages that you and your family, friends or better half would enjoy. Choose from 3 different Islands Banca  depending on your party’s size. Hop on Islands Banca Butete (cruises 10-15pax), Islands Banca Bariles (cruises 15-25pax) or Islands Banca Butanding (cruises 30-35pax). Be sure to have a boat reserved before going to IBC dock for a hassle free island hopping adventure. See map below for Islands Banca destinations and customize your island hopping experience then reserve your Islands Banca  by filling out this form, click here. If you have any questions or in need of assistance in filling out the form, call 032-5161903 or +639152555991.IBC(Islands Banca Cruise) Dock is located at Punta Engano Mactan, just before Movenpick Hotel (previously Hilton Hotel).


Islands Banca Destinations

Boarding the Islands Banca, you would notice the signature Islands Banca beanbag seats, a crisp white exterior, cushioned seats and expanded sun deck. Each boat comes with wifi access for you to upload photos on Facebook/twitter/instagram realtime, an iPod dock to play your current favorite tracks on your iPod and towels. You will also have a crew treating you like a boss! ^_^

Islands Banca


island Hopping via Islands Banca with and friends

After the passengers’ briefing conducted by the crew, we then headed to our first destination. Though our initial plan was from Nalusuan to Tres Marias then to Supla, we opted to go from Gilutungan to Tres Marias then to Supla because of the low tide.

On our way to Gilutungan

Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary is one of Cebu’s most famous underwater spots. The sanctuary leads to the popular Gilutungan drop-off wall. The reef features a lot of damsel fish, anemone fish, batfish, parrotfish and the occasional blue  spotted ray! Islands Banca also offers equipment rentals for snorkeling, diving, wetsuits and more.

Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary


a school of Damsel fishes on the waters of Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary


at the side of Gilutungan drop off wall





Everyone was starving after almost 2 hours of snorkeling at Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary, so we then headed to Tres Marias for a picnic -on island lunch.

Tres Marias

On our way to Tres Marias for a picnic



Picnic at Tres Marias


Islands Banca


Taking a quick dip before going to Supla Island


Then off we go to Supla Island for a quick  run on the white sand beach of Supla Island and snorkeling.

Off we go to Supla Island


Supla Island


Snorkeling on Supla Island


Snorkeling at Supla Island

Supla’s Underwater shot


Since the tide was low, the crew suggested we go somewhere were the water is deeper. So off we go to deeper waters!

This is where we docked. Deeeep Clear water


Javier, Chai and Caloi

Looks like a green field! ^_^

I hope that this blog can help  you with the planning of your very own island hopping adventure in Mactan Cebu. ^_^ For a convenient cruise, contact Islands Banca and get a quote on your customized island hopping experience. Click here to fill out the form.