Pit Senyor! The famous line that everyone shouts during Sinulog celebration- so did you ever wonder what Pit Senyor means? Growing up I inhailed two meanings of that very famous sentence – one is “long live Senyor Sto. Nino” (which I then found out refers to another famous shout during Sinulog – “Viva Santo Nino”) and the second one is in Cebuano vernacular which says “sangpit sa Senyor Sto. Nino” or in English “Call for Sto. Nino,” which is the main purpose of the Sinulog Celebration – to plead for the Holy Child and praise Him of all the blessings. And in case anyone is wondering who Sto. Nino is, ^_^, Sto. Nino is Filipino representation of Jesus Christ brought in April 1521 by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.



Sinulog 2011 photo by Edd Buenaviaje

So enough with history and let’s get started with our tips to fully enjoy Sinulog 2012!

5. Know the schedule of the Sinulog Celebration and route of the Sinulog Mardi Gras.

Since most roads in Cebu City are closed during the Sinulog Mardi Gras and you’d do a lot of walking, be sure that you know route for you to be able to save time and energy. If you are not from Cebu, it’s good you book hotels/accomodations along the Sinulog Parade route. Mango Park Hotel, Grand Prix Hotel and Crown Regency Cebu are among a few accommodations that are along the parade route.

For me and my friends, we would rendezvous in Ayala Center Cebu (where we would park our cars ^_^) and  have lunch in the mall and buy a liter of water in the grocery  before walking about 5km to the parade route in Mango Avenue.

To check the schedule of Sinulog 2012 click link:  https://www.iluvcebu.com/sinulog-2012-schedule-updated/


And take note of the big parties happening in Cebu during Sinulog and jot them down on your itinerary! A few on my “must go” clubs hosting great parties during Sinulog are Vudu, Penthouse, Loft, Gilt and Alcohology. For more info on these clubs, just click on https://www.iluvcebu.com/what-to-do/around-the-city/clubs-and-bars/



Sinulog Route: (Source: http://www.sinulog.ph)

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sinulog-route 2012


 4. Wear comfortable clothes, be in a festive mood and be ready for the unpredictable weather

Since you would be doing a lot of walking, be sure to be in your most comfortable shoes or flip flops, though I would suggest you be in a closed footwear to prevent those toenails from dying just in case some fellow celebrators accidentally step on your foot. Be in light and breathable clothes and as much as possible don’t bring any bags so it would be easier for you to move in the crowd.

Along the parade route in Mango Avenue, don’t be afraid to get a bit festive by getting dirty with paint or getting wet with water in the street parties. Bring whistles and wear Sinulog Party hats to really get in a festive mood! And since weather is really unpredictable lately, be ready to have your mobile phones, DSLR and Digital cameras in water proofing cases. Bring hat/umbrella/raincoat to protect yourself just in case it rains. And be sure to look after your belongings, ^_^

Wear sunblock/sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Wear deodorant! Bring a fan and a huge hanky to keep yourself cool. 🙂

Be sure you bring extra party clothes for more partying during the Sinulog Night! Theres gonna be a lot, so be sure you had taken your vitamins and energy dink! ^_^


3. Be sure you have an alternate mobile provider than just one or set a place to rendezvous with your friends.

This is really a big problem during Sinulog, network congestion.  It might help that you text/call your friends on a number on the same network. Though from personal experience, I have been experiencing delays in receiving messages or making calls during the Sinulog Grand Parade using my mobile phone under Sun Network , probably because Cebu has so many Sun subscribers. ( I love my Sun provider and I don’t have problems with them on any other days and been a subscriber for 5 years now, just having problems with them during the Sinulog parade. ^_^). So I use my other phone under another mobile provider to text and call during Sinulog parade where messages and calls get through little faster.

A better way is to set an itinerary or meet up places and times for you and your friends. Like where and what time to meet up first before going to the parade, where to headed and just in case someone gets lost from the pack, a rendezvous place.


2. Be responsible and watch your belongings

The smiles, the colorful costumes, the street parties and the sincere devotion to the Sto. Nino are great to capture during the Sinulog Festivities. But be carful with those expensive DSLRs, mobile phones and digital cameras against the “bad elements”.  Be sure not to bring too much cash and place your wallet in your front pocket. Do not wear shiny and expensive jewelries -Sinulog may be in celebration of the Holy Child Sto. Nino but that doesn’t stop the “bad elements” from taking advantage of the festivity. Though there’s just a few cases of pickpocketing and stealing during the Sinulog festivities and has decreased along the years, we can never be too careful.

Just in case you need to report anything to the authorities during the parade, you can just approach any of the policemen around or call the Fuente Osmena Police Station at Tel. No. (6332) 253-5636 / 255-7350.


 1. Keep yourself hydrated and stuffed

Be sure to bring water to keep yourself hydrated with all the walking and battling yourself out of an elbow to elbow crowd. Bottled water prices may be a bit higher when buying in the streets along the Sinulog parade. So buy your bottled water in the grocery to save you bit of pennies. With all the festivities, do not forget to eat. There’s a lot of restaurants along the Sinulog parade route. There’s even hawkers or food stalls along the road. So there’s no excuse for you to not eat. And just in case you need to do trips to the comfort room, be sure to bring wet tissues and alcohol. ^_^

Any other tips you can share with iLuvCebu.com and our readers? Please enrich us with your ideas! ^_^