Giving and kind: two of the traits that are natural to us Filipinos. This Christmas season let’s all open our hearts to 410 rural students and their families by making their Christmas a little bit festive. iLearners’ Christmas Joys on its 4th year has been dedicated in fighting against rural illiteracy and with this, iLearners have been working closely with the teachers and baranggay officials of schools in 3 rural baranggays in Carcar, Asturias and in Mactan. Our adopted schools belong to the poor baranggays of Cebu and is in much need of everyones help.

Noe and Zoe and iLearners Inc. would ask for everyone to extend their hands to help us raise 410 grocery packs for these kids and their families. Please pledge on how many grocery packs you will be donating or if cash, each grocery bag costs 200php.


Below is the list of Grocery items that should be on a bag.


Deadline is November 21, 2011(Monday)
Quantity 260 Grocery Packs
Grocery Items:
1 Kilo Rice
1 pack of Beef Noodle
1 pack of Chicken Noodle
1 Pack of Misua ( the one with 10 packs inside)
1 Can Sardine
1 Can of BeefLoaf
1 pack of Soy Sauce
1 pack of Vinegar
1 pack of Ketchup
(Packed in a separate plastic)
1 Bar of Bath Soap
1 Bar of Laundry Soap
1 Pack of 3-in-1 Shampoo

If you have any questions, please text us at 09173003739 with your name and question. We are hoping for the support of everyone. ^_^

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