Learners and kids are thanking you for helping to put the “i” in iShare, iGive, iLearn.

iLearners Inc is proud to have helped students of our adopted schools graduate primary school. iLearners’ Recognition Day consisted of fun games, with sweet little prizes. During the awarding each student was given with his/her medal/s. As an additional thank you for their academic efforts, iLearners presented each of the graduates with a binder to be used for the coming school term. This and all other iLearners activities would not have been possible without the support from our sponsors and we hope to continue working to support this cause geared towards students and learning in the rural parts of Cebu.


School Year 2013-2014 is fast approaching, and again we are asking for your help to support iLearners Brighter Future Program reaching out to 600 students in the rural areas of Cebu. Give the gift of education by donating Php200 for start up supplies for the school year.


Donate today and together let’s help fight rural illiteracy. Please pledge your donations now. 1 start up school pack costs 200php.


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iLearners Brighter Future Project 2013

iLearners Brighter Future Project 2013