i LOve to Read



In line with the celebration of the EDSA revolution, the Cebu City Public Library in cooperation with newly-formed group The Basadours will launch the “I L♥VE TO READ PROJECT”, a public-private collaborative project aimed at literacy development.

Believing that literacy, as a human right, is an essential step in basic education the project seeks to address the fundamental challenges of literacy development. The project is adopting alternative and non-formal approach to learning through storytelling by employing different strategies such as role playing, puppet shows, read along and read aloud.

I L♥VE TO READ PROJECT will be formally launched on February 25, 2012. The project launching will be graced by Cebu City officials to be led by Mayor Michael L. Rama.

Taking the lead in this project are The Basadours, a group of Cebuano volunteer ambassadors for reading and storytelling. Espousing the ideals of volunteerism and public-private partnership, the group serves as the project’s backbone and provides a pool of readers, storytellers, facilitators and support staff.

For inquiries on I L♥VE TO READ PROJECT, you may contact Mrs. Rosario Chua at 412-4460 or you email her at rose_reyena@yahoo.com.ph.