Most of us here in the Philippines carry two mobile phones (well for most people I know, ūüėõ ), each phone serviced by a different provider – ¬†one mobile phone registered to unlimited calling to numbers of the same network and the other phone as backup when network of mobile phone number one fails. I am a self confessed apple lover¬†but actually considered getting an android as a secondary phone. ¬†Last year, I purchased a Sony Arc which after 2 months I gave to my brother Edd and went back to having my old iPhone 3G as my secondary phone. It just didn’t outsmart the iPhone.

April 19, 2012, HTC unveiled its new HTC One Series with¬†the HTC One V and HTC One X representing HTC’s most premium mobile experience.

HTC One V - Suggested Retail Pice is PHP15,990

See HTC One V technical specifications here:


HTC One X - Suggested Retail Price is at PHP32, 990

See HTC One X Technical Specifications here:


Though I wasn’t able to try out the HTC One V and X during the launch, but HTC promises an amazing camera ( with 8mp back camera with LED and 1.3mp fromt camera super fast capture with .7 seconds to capture a picture, and you can capture a photo and shoot video at the same time.) and ¬†authentic sound with Beats by Dr. Dre.


Sounds interesting! But will I trade my iPhone 4S for an HTC One? hmmmmm. Needs more digging! How about you, would you trade your iPhone 4S  for an HTC One? Which would you prefer an iPhone 4S or an HTC One?