Tea Place: Heart Tea

Address: i1 I.T. Park, Lahug Cebu City (Beside Krispy Kremes)

Operating Hours: 8am-2am daily

Text by: Doyzkie Buenaviaje | Photo by: Edd Buenaviaje

With the burgeoning of milk tea places in Cebu and the humid weather, it’s crystal that the milk tea craze had hit our home Cebu. Am guessing everyone by now has their own milk tea and tea favorites. So what’s your favorite? We just came across this tea place recently which we think is a must try for tea lovers. Everyone might had passed through Heart Tea in i1 IT Park, but have you tried their tea concoctions? One thing I love about Heart tea is they have unique blends that you can only find here. Let me introduce you to some. 🙂

Coffee Konjak

Heart Tea Coffee Konjak. Yes, I thought it was a spiked drink too, but Konjak is actually a vegan substitute for gelatin and i Heart Tea added coffee to it.  The coffee konjak is very similar to coffee jelly drinks but its firmer.



Passion Fruit (Fruit Juice)

Yes sir, i Heart Tea does serve fruit juices as well. One of our favorites here is the Passion Fruit Juice. Don’t expect it to be all sweet, for it’s naturally flavored passion fruit and not the sugar flavored based fruit juice. Add some basil seeds for texture (15php).


Blueberry in Black Tea with popping yogurt

Under Heart Tea’s Fruit flavored teas infusions is Blueberry in Black Tea. Add popping yogurt for more flavor!

Basil Health Drink


This Basil Health drink with basil seeds is my fave blend at Heart Tea. Fruity yet with a citrusy warm hint and basil seeds for texture.

So for tea lovers who need to have a quick tea fix, visit Heart Tea at i1 Building I.T. Park Lahug Cebu City (Just beside Krispy Kremes) They are open from 8am-2pm daily!