It may not be as majestic as Kawasan in Badian or as mesmerizing as Dao in Samboan but Guining Falls treats its guests with a scenic trek in the Tabonan Forest, a cool intimate private pool and it’s just within Cebu City!

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The trek from Tabunan Barangay Hall to Guining Falls takes about 25 minutes, passing through a coconut plantation and into the inner section of Tabunan forest. Tabonan came from the word “tabon”  or scrubfowl, a bird specie which used to live in concentration in the area. But sadly today, there’s no more sightings of scrubfowls or tabon in Tabonan Forest.

Tabunan/Tabonan is 1 of the 31 barangays comprising the Cebu City Highlands.

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How to get to Guining Falls: 

From Cebu City V-hire Terminal (now located at the back of Compania Maritima Building, SRP), ride a van bound for Balamban. Tell the driver to drop you off at “iskina Barangay Cantipla and Barangay Tabunan/Tabonan” (corner of Barangay Barangay Cantipla and Barangay Tabunan/Tabonan). From there, ride a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) to Tabunan/Tabonan Barangay Hall.

Be sure to let your habal-habal driver wait for you until you are done trekking, because he’ll be your only way to get back to the main road. Then instruct your driver to drop you off in Busay, just at the foot of Mountain View Resort/ Lantaw Restaurant. From there, you can ride a jeepney or another habal-habal to JY Square.

Note: Before hopping on to a Habal-habal, be sure that you have negotiated the fare for the trip. The trip is from the corner of Barangay Cantipla/ Barangay Tabunan to Tabunan Barangay Hall in Tabunan, then to Busay. Habal-habal fare for this trip starts at 500php for 2 people.

Before heading to Guining Falls, you can call Cebu City Tourism Commission at (63) (32) 412-4355 to ask for the phone number for Tabunan Barangay Hall to hire a guide for the trek towards falls.

You can also drop by at Betty’s Botanical Garden in Barangay Cantipla before heading back to the city.

NOTE: The Habal-habal ride to Tabunan is a bit challenging and steep, so for adventure newbies you might want to save this trip for later. 🙂

If you plan in driving to Guining, there are parking spaces available at the barangay multi purpose hall. Vans and 4X4 cars are recommended for this trip. Cars and lowered vehicles are not advisable to drive through the terrain.

For all weekends of September 2015, Cebu City Tourism Commission has set special Cebu City Highland Tours. Read more about it here: