Gillian in Mique Yapching

On Gillian: dress by Mique Yapching and shoes from Parisian

Gillian Stephanie Uang, currently on her 4TH year in Interior Design course juggles  a few styling gigs,  some modeling ,  blog tidbits of her life, about interior design and fashion , and manages her online store (Detail bydetails).  “With everything that’s going on, no matter how hectic it can be, I always enjoy what I do.. if it’s what you love, at the end of the day it never feels like work,” shares the young fashionista. She looks forward to opening up her own fashion and home décor store something that caters to design. After all, design isn’t just about the clothes.


Style 1

Printed Skirt and Lace top (Detail bydetails),  Boater Hat (online buy) , Yellow Hells (SoFab!)

Style 2

Laced Dress (Detail bydetails), Weaved Belt (SM department store), Vintage Ralph Lauren bag (from mom’s closet), nude heels (Parisian)

Style 3

Denim Dungaree’s (Detail bydetails), Pearl Necklace (SM department store)

Style 4

Floral tube dress (isis), Laced vest –worn invertedly (WAGW), vintage belt (from dad’s closet).  Wedges (Parisian)

Style 5

Floral Vest (thrifted), Tiered laced top (WAGW), black tube turned into a skirt (random bazaar), heels (Parisian)

Gillian’s fashion sense.

Gillian would say that her style is more on Urban Eclectic. “I guess you can say it’s a contradiction,” she says. “I like playing with feminine pieces and adding a masculine touch to them. It’s highly inspired by clean straight lines and sometimes a touch of color or accessory. I play a lot with proportion since for me fashion is architecture and proportion is everything.”
Gillian’s tips and tricks to aspiring Cebuana fashionistas

  • “Proportion is everything” – For me, it’s always best to make the clothes fit you.. not the other way around. So play a lot with proportions and make them work around you. Just because it’s in trend doesn’t mean you have to wear it exactly as it’s seen on the runway!
  • Always wear what you want and don’t let other people dictate your style.
  • Take inspiration from others, copying is just tacky.
  • As much as possible don’t pay attention to tags. Elevating the look is all that matters no matter what brand.

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