Often overlooked and overburdened, our feet have borne the brunt of the daily business of being… well, feet. It is easy to take these walkers for granted and choose footwear that are either comfortable but ugly, or attractive but painful. But what if it were possible to NOT have to choose between comfort and appearance? Freewaters gives us a third option- comfortable shoes and sandals that you actually want to be seen in.

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Freewaters is the new “sophisticasual” footwear brand that has found a following with the stylish and active crowd. Co-founders and surf buddies Eli Marmar and Martin Kim saw an opportunity to fill the need for sophisticated and comfortable footwear, whilst using the business to create a powerful and sustainable platform for social good, and so in 2012, they opened the first Freewaters office in Laguna Hills, California.

More than just a retail brand, Freewaters stands on its commitment to transform lives with water. Every 1% of the gross sales go directly to fund the water projects of Freewaters. There are a number of wells being built in Kenya, as well as water filtering system that are being distributed in Haiti— all because of Freewaters customers worldwide. You can say that every pair becomes a step towards clean water to the people who need it the most.

The brand is dedicated to innovation and comfort in their designs. Freewaters combines fresh styling and comfort innovation to a whole new level. Freewaters stands out for creating footwear that “feel insane”. They want their customers to experience the freedom and unique feeling of being in the waters. Two of their collections have been creating a buzz in the industry—the Therm-A-Rest and Tall Boy collections.

The new age for footwear has dawned. Freewaters, the socially responsible company with revolutionary designs for comfort and style will be opening its doors to its Filipino customers. Go ahead, leave your footprints all over the world—Freewaters has got you covered.

Freewaters is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies – Asia’s next retail giant For more information, visit www.freewaters.com. Like our Facebook page at Freewaters Philippines and Instagram @freewaters_ph

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