Largely inspired by the thriving, mixed-living, highly-urban look & feel of sprawling New York City, FORMO’s soho-chic inspired interiors is vividly decorated by a play of shapes and textures and natural elements of wood & stone.

Now equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, FORMO’s all-new and; improved menu features a delightfully inventive list of finely-crafted dishes, cooked to perfection by one of the Philippines’ finest chefs, Chef Miner del Mundo.

Below are some of Chef Miner’s crafted dish that  caught my pallet with love.


Signature FORMO Barbecue Ribs:  Grilled and served with home-made barbecue sauce. The sauce coating balances the  tender, juicy and flavor in the middle that makes this dish very tasty.


Grilled Chicken Supreme: indulge your palette with a kick of mango zest and light herby taste.


SEAFOOD PROMODORO: Right amount of Olive oil, salt and garlic with the perfect juicy taste of Tomatoes.


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