First Cebu Disaster Rescue Off Road Challenge

1st Cebu Disaster Rescue Off-Road Challenge Photo Contest

Shoot for Rescue and Medical Supplies! One day, it may be your life that needs rescuing.

February 12-13, 2011
Mandaue Reclamation Area, across Parkmall

Photo Contest Theme:

Photos submitted for consideration may be from only one, two, three, all or any combination of the following sub-themes:
a. Four-wheeling – Photos taken of vehicles while maneuvering/negotiating the race course
b. Fouled wheeling – Photos taken of disabled, crashed or overturned vehicles. It may show only portions of the vehicle or may show the entire vehicles stuck in a ditch or being rescued via crane or wrecker etc.
c. Rescue – Photos must show the human aspect – rescue and victim. It may have a part of or the whole vehicle involved within the frame
d. Side lights – photos of the vehicles or parts of the vehicles or both whether parked or on display.

Contest Guidelines:
1. This photo contest is open to ALL amateur/professional photographers. There must be at least ten (10) duly registered participants for the photo contest to be valid, otherwise it shall be declared as a no contest.
2. Your donation of Two Hundred (P200) per registrant covers Ten (10) entries. An additional ten pesos (P10) will be charged for every additional photo.
3. All entries must be submitted in an un-mounted, 5″ x 7″ photo print, with the category and photographer ID number only indicated at the back of the photo. The corresponding RAW file and JPEG file of the images in CD/DVD format. with the name of the photographer on the CD and envelope is to be submitted.
4. Deadline of submission: February 21, 2011 at Photoshop at the Baseline Complex.
5. Entries can be in monochrome (black and white) or full color only.
6. Only basic, global, post-processing actions for contrast, levels, color, sharpening and cropping are allowed. Composite images and digital alteration like adding/removing of any part of the image is disallowed.
7. Please do not include watermarks, signatures, frames/borders or other markings on the photo. Submitted entries bearing such markings shall be automatically disqualified.
8. Judging of the Photo contest will be on February 25, 2011.
9. Decision of the designated Board of Judges shall be final and un-appealable.
10. By joining this contest, winners/finalists agree that the royalty of the photographer shall not apply every time AMRO will use the photos and grants AMRO royalty-free, world-wide, exclusive license to display and reproduce the photo/s for promotional purposes.

Rights to the winning entries shall belong exclusively to AMRO. The photographer may not use the photographs or variation of that same composition for any other purpose except for his personal portfolio. Photographers will be given photo credits every time applicable.

Originality and Artistic Merit 30%
Adherence to the Theme 30%
Technical Proficiency
(Composition, Exposure, Sharpness, etc.) 20%
Overall Visual Impact 20%
TOTAL 100%

1st Place: P5,000 plus trophy
2nd Place: P3,000 plus trophy
3rd Place: P2,000 plus trophy
4th Place: P 1,000
5th to 10th Place: P 500.00