Fiesta Bay Asian Seafood Restaurant

Address: Punta Engano Lapu-lapu City (Across Movenpick)

Food: Filipino, Asian Fusion, Seafood

Operating Hours: 11:30Am -2:30PM for Lunch and 5:30pm-10:00PM for Dinner daily

Mode of Payment: Cash/ Credit & Debit Cards

Contact Number:  (032) 236-0897 / (032) 405-6006

Parking: Yes

Fiesta Bay Seafood Restaurant Mactan

Fiesta Bay Seafood Restaurant Mactan

We Filipinos love fiestas! It is an occasion where food brings everyone together under one roof. Chef June Fernandez  (one of my favorite culinary visionaries in Cebu) of Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa made mention of this new restaurant just along the resort belt and recently paid the restaurant a visit to check out what they have to offer.

Arrived at 5:00PM just before they open their doors at 5:30PM, we were 30 minutes too early for dinner but the friendly staff welcomed us with warm greetings and did accommodate my friends and I nonetheless. If the hospitable servers don’t give you that fiesta feel yet, then the colorful center ceiling at the main dining area and the banderitas would surely do. The warm lights make you feel like you are right at home. Fiesta Bay exudes a genuine Filipino hospitality in a modern and stylish festive scene.

Fiesta Bay

Fiesta Bay

Fiesta Bay

Fiesta Bay

Fiesta Bay

Fiesta Bay

Along the resort belt, it was a surprise that the items here aren’t lavishly priced. Per serving prices are the same as casual dining restaurants in the metro which range from 110php-350php for the mains.

The Bulalo which was brothed for hours gives a natural beefy soup sweetened by the corn  and radiating  layers of flavors from the beef , the vegetables and other ingredients. And you’d dote on the fall- off- the- bone tender beef.  Different from other Bulalos I’ve tried, Fiesta Bay’s version is not too salty and less oily, for the excess oil was scooped out during the cooking process. So when your done sipping on your Bulalo soup, you’d not feel like you smooched on a bar of butter.

Fiesta Bay 4 Fiesta 4



Fried grouper in Mango Salsa on fried sotanghon is another interesting dish on the menu. Strips of tender fried filleted grouper in a summery sweet mango with fresh green and red bell peppers salsa that’s just perfect together.

Fiesta Bay 5


Fresh lobster in lemon garlic butter sauce! The creamy lobster meat was superb by itself  but the lemon garlic butter made it even more impeccable.


Fiesta Bay 7



Singapore Chili Crab. For those who love it sweet and spicy, this would be a great dish to revel on. Fresh crab already precracked when served so you’d not worry to get all messy and instead enjoy the dish.




And the Singaporean Salted Egg Crab is another dish that would definitely make me miss dining at Fiesta Bay! The Salted egg cream gives more flavor to the fresh crab meat. Yum!

TIP: The fried buns are even more delicious when dipped in either the Singaporean Chili Crab Sauce or the Salted Egg Sauce.  <3


Fiesta Bay 13



All time favorite Adobo rice! With bits of fried crunchy pork meat, each spoonful of adobo rice is a delight!


Fiesta Bay 8


Always leave some room for dessert! Filipino favorites Guinomis and Bukayo Bunuelos to end the feast.

Fiesta Bay 9 Fiesta Bay 10


Drinks? I recommend the refreshing house drink Citrica!

Fiesta bay



Great service, distinctly appetizing dishes, homey festive ambiance (not to mention an awesome song playlist) and with a reasonable priced menu, Fiesta Bay Seafood Restaurant is definitely on my list of favorite restaurants in the metro and I bet will soon be in yours! 🙂

Can’t wait to be back!