Blindfolded, handcuffed and no single clue what would the first scene be when I take off my blinder, my heart was beating so fast in excitement. A team of 5, handcuffed alongside each member, we removed our eye covers  and found ourselves in a prison cell.  That’s the only spoiler you’d get from me I promise, so go on and keep on reading. :P. And of course I would not ruin the fun by giving the details of the puzzles and clues inside the cell  because I want your wits to bleed out dry like we did (evil laugh buwahahaha) . It was amusing (and nostalgic.. hehe) to have my brain working that hard again since College Integral Calculus . Well, that’s not to scare you. Actually the gameplay really isn’t that difficult when you get the hang of it. You just need to use your sense of sight, logical thinking, common sense and team synergy.

The game concept is  definitely a thrilling addition to the Queen City’s many attractions! Its impressive facility makes you feel that you are exactly in the plight (in our chosen case, as prisoners) and the time constraint of 45 minutes gives you that push to find your way out as fast as you can.

“I have lived in Cebu for quite some time now and find that Cebu is kind of short in varieties of gaming amusement. So when I went back home to Malaysia and found out about this mind game fad, I told myself, hey why not bring this to Cebu?,” shared Malaysian owner Mr. David Chan. “With our goal to make Cebu even more entertaining, we challenge all the Cebuanos to try the newest attraction that will test your mind skills and having fun while at it,” David added.

Exit Now Cebu

Exit Now Cebu

Exit Now 2

Exit Now has 5 themed rooms to date – The Mummy, Factory 19, Mission Impossible, The Orphan and Prison Break (order is by difficulty level -from easiest to most difficult). Mr. Chan promised to add more room themes when Cebuanos get to embrace the new amusement concept.

Feeling confident, the team chose the most complex room to escape from- Prison Break!

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So here’s the plot: 

A prison is a state of the art facility. Getting in and out of it only holds true to cops and prisoners, with sneaky outside friends. Your prisoner friend is going to be in trouble in the next few days, he is scheduled for a life sentence.

He needs to escape out of the prison immediately.

You planned out to breach the prison walls to save the prisoner. You located his cell and went in, only to find out that he has already escaped. Shocked, you didn’t know what to do and the prison’s security has found out of his escape and is looking for his whereabouts. Where could he possibly be? Are there clues to follow his lead to a safe escape?

And we did channel our inner Scofield and got out of the prison cell alright, but when we ducked out of the escape tunnel, we found ourselves in another room to escape from (oops, spilled another one, hehe). And boom, our 45 minutes was up!

Brain stimulating, entertaining and exhilarating role play game that will surely be enjoyed by everyone. So are you up for the challenge and find your exit in 45 minutes? Experience a real life escape game and visit Exit Now!

To book click here: (walk-in guests will be accommodated depending on room availability)

Exit Now is located at City Time Square, Mandaue City Cebu. Call them at 032-268-0886 for inquiries.