Restaurant: Everything Yummy

Address: Piazza Elesia, Talamban Road, Cebu City 6000

Contact Number: +639178998669 |  +63 32 4065678

Food: American ribs

Wifi: None

Mode of Payment: Cash

Text and Photos by Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje

Everything Yummy takes their ribs seriously.  The overnight marinating, 3 hours of cooking and then the grilling is a labor of love that makes Everything Yummy’s American Ribs oh so tender,  oh so yummy and yearned by many. Started with giving slabs of their own recipe of American ribs to friends during the holidays, owner Mr. Hans Congmon and his partner then started getting orders from friends, friends of friends, and with Facebook’s help, they got orders outside their social circle, cooking the ribs at their home in Mandaue. The rapid rise of Everything Yummy’s  list of  clientele and patrons made owners decide to open a physical restaurant, thus the humble restaurant in Talamban seating 15 customers was set in motion just October of last year . Though the original plan was to mainly just “Ribs-for-delivery”, yet hungry customers just keep on pouring and dining in for those ribs.

Arrived at 6:15pm on a Friday  at Everything Yummy, good thing I breezed in before the peak hours which usually starts at 6:30pm and able to take pictures before the place got packed. When you plan on dining for lunch or dinner at Everything Yummy, be sure to call them to reserve a table for you and your friends or else you would be left with no choice but to wait for the customers to clear out the table or have the ribs to go. And be sure to be at Everything Yummy 15 minutes before your time of reservation and not be late or else have the risk of having your table be given to a line of waiting customers.  The place gets  really packed with regulars and foodies during peak hours but fret not rib lovers, for pretty soon Everything Yummy will be expanding to accommodate more regulars and new customers! The restaurant’s ambiance is warm, intimate and cozy. Simple and no fuzz.

Soft, tender and flavorful ribs smothered in delicious honey barbecue sauce, Everything Yummy’s charcoal grilled American Ribs is the restaurants main attraction. Everything Yummy got great comments from  local newspaper and magazine, not to mention great reviews from blogs and recommendations from regulars, saying Everything Yummy Ribs is Cebu’s best charcoal grilled American ribs – and I would agree to that. Owner Mr. Hans Congmon  adds that Everything Yummy uses prime cut ribs giving his customers the best that they deserve.

EverythingYummyRibs - Rib Quarter (Spare ribs) with Rice -185php

Everything Yummy Lemongrass Inasal is my personal favorite from the restaurant. Drizzle the sauce on the chicken, then take a bite on the crispy chicken skin, then tear the soft juicy zesty tender chicken meat, yum!  Inasal given a Cebuano lemongrass twist  with sauce made with healthy canola oil, achuete and spices.

EverythingYummy- Lemongrass Inasal Meal 95php

Singaporean Pepper Prawns is the owners’ original recipe but a deviation from the original recipe which supposed to be Singaporean Pepper Crabs. But since they can’t find a good supplier of crabs, they opted to try it with prawns and knowing it still tasted good, they added the revised recipe to the menu. I also noticed that the the prawns are deveined, so there would be no gritty or funky taste.

Everything Yummy - Singaporean Pepper Prawns 350php


2 of Filipino favorite breakfasts, Everything Yummy gives a dash of their own to their chorizo and corned beef. So what’s special with Everything Yummy’s version of these Filipino favorites? Special Homemade corned beef is made from 100% beef. It is less greasy and is fried until its a bit crunchy but not dry. My brother Edd would love this!

Everything Yummy Special Homemade Corned beef 195php / Corned Beef meal with rice and egg for 105php

Everything Yummy’s Spanish Chorizo. Chorizo without the skin fried with spices.

Everything Yummy Spanish Chorizo Meal with Rice and Egg 95php


And you might be wondering why the owners named the restaurant Everything Yummy, well for the simple reason that they make sure that everything they put on the menu is yummy not just to them but to their customers as well. The menu consist of just a few entrees and had been loved by the owners and their patrons even before the restaurant opened.