Drum Tao at Crimson Resort


Japanese sensation, Drum Tao performed for Crimson Resort and Spa’s guests last Wednesday, August 29,2012, in an intimate beach setting. Crimson Resort and Spa has beenDrum Tao’s home during their weeklong stay in Cebu and then jumps off to Quest Hotel before their concert on September 1, 2012 at Waterfront Lahug.


Drum Tao performs at Crimson Resort


Drum Tao have toured 17 countries and ranged from theaters of 1000 to 2000 and even to a stadium of 20,000 in Taipei. Considered to be one of the best shows in the world, Drum Tao Live in Cebu is a must see!

Drum Tao performs at Crimson Resort


A few things we discovered about Drum Tao:

1. Drum Tao members wash their own costumes.

2. When not performing, Drum Tao’s drums are airconditioned.

3. Drum Tao’s drums weigh more or less 800kg, price equivalent to 3 BMWs.

Drum Tao performs at Crimson Resort

Winners of the iLuvCebu Drum Tao Live in Cebu Twitter Contest are:

1. @LasserRigor

2. @CountoCram

3. @SenyoritoPepe

4. @IamAlexa

5. @ClintMamerto


Congratulations guys! You have won a ticket (500php ticket) to Drum Tao Live in Cebu tomorrow, Saturday September 1, 2012. Show is at 3PM. Please claim your prize at the venue 1:30Pm-2:30PM. Please contact 09173003739 for any questions.


Drum Tao Performs at Crimson Resort