Drum Tao Live in Cebu


Composed of 18 male and 5 female drummers, Drum Taohave toured 17 countries and ranged from theaters of 1000 to 2000 and even to a stadium of 20,000 in Taipei. Formed in 1993 in Aichi prefecture by the company director Fujitaka and moved to Kuju in 1995, their training ground and homebase called Grandioso, surrounded with the 360 degree view of horizon and deep green mountains.


Drum Tao

The sensation from Japan is performing in Cebu this September 1, 2012 at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.


Drum Tao gets their inspiration from the circumstance that’s surrounding them in their daily life, and from there, they set a theme or a common item that bonds them as one.


So how was the training like? Each morning the group rise about 6am to run for 7km or more, followed by a bout of vigorous strengthening exercises. Then they rehearse, beating drum sticks and vocalising rhythms. They have at least three hours of physical activity before a breakfast of fish, salad, soup and rice. Out of the 200 hopefuls who apply each year, only five are tested and just one or two make the grade to join the junior troupe. To become a drummer takes one year of severe training, but that is because they have to be ready to go on stage. The passion to succeed is the most important thing. You have to lose everything else – at one point you cannot even talk to your friends or family. The reason for being disconnected from mobile phones, internet and luxuries such as even chocolates or sweets for trainees during this first year of training is for them to be focused and dedicated to mastering the art and learning from the other senior members without sometimes being told but by picking it up from observing and practice. Some trainees do not last long if they cannot handle the tough physical training or mental impact living at Grandioso might have on them – Taro explains .


Drum Tao shares, “First Edinburgh performance in 2004 was quite memorable. And the Taipei Arena, we had whole 20,000audience waiting for us. The number of the people there was even shocking to us but even more the reaction from those was just heart moving.”


Don’t miss one of the world’s finest performers live! See you there!


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