Don Papa Rum


Don Papa Rum, the locally produced, small batch premium rum is finally available in select bars and stores in the Queen City of the South launched during the world-famous Sinulog festival 2013.



Distilled from some of the finest sugar cane in the world, Don Papa is first aged 7 years in oak barrels in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon before being blended to perfection.


You can only expect a rich, smooth taste like vodka. It’s light and fruity on the nose, smooth and delicate in the mouth with a long textured finish. The art and precision in the process of making this rum make it so good that you can even drink it neat.



To stretch what Don Papa can do for mixes, the Bleeding Heart Rum Company worked with Kathryn Eckstein, a young, creative mixologist, to produce a range of cocktails made uniquely from local ingredients; “Kapag Serious Ka”, Liquid Butterscotch and Coco Breeze.




Ka-Pag Serious Ka

To be served in a low-ball glass.

use a muddler and a shaker.


40 ml Don Papa Rum

1 tbsp freshly chopped up ginger (sliced julienne)

3 sliced calamansi

1 tbsp fresh calamansi juice

20 ml honey


Muddle for 10 seconds and add 3 large ice cubes and shake. pour everything out into a low ball glass and top it off with soda water then stir.


Liquid Butterscotch

To be served in a martini/cocktail glass. use a shaker.


40 ml Don Papa Rum

20 ml butter syrup

2 tablespoon maple/pancake syrup

Orange juice (not concentrated)

Dash of cinnamon powder


Shake until the shaker sweats. Add mint leaves on top of the foam for garnish.


Coco Breeze

To be served in a tall glass.


40 ml Don Papa Rum

3 tablespoons of nata de coco (coconut jelly)

add 3 big ice cubes

Fill to the top with cold Tropical Grove guava juice (must be pink guava juice)

Dash of calamansi juice


Ideal to have a swizzle stick, one that either has a sharp end or a spoon, so that the person can eat the nat a de coco. Add a calamine at the rim of the glass to serve as a garnish.


Don Papa small batch rum can be found in Cebu at the following bars: Vudu Lounge, Formo, Gilt, Scrapyard, Penthouse, Loft, Pump, Alchology, Juliana, Yo Latino 1 & 2, Arena, Club Mermaid, Jokers Arm, and in  the following retail stores : Kawin and Angel Axerces.

For the complete list of stores and further information, visit and follow @donpaparum on Twitter.









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