Restaurant: District 50

Address: 2nd Floor JCentre Mall A.S. Fortuna Mandaue City 6014

Food: International

Type of Dining: Casual Dining

Wifi: Yes

Smoking Area: Yes (Al Fresco Area)

Mode of Payment: Cash / Card

Contact Number: 032-5111218

Dining Hours: Sundays to Thurdays 10am – 11pm  and Fridays & Saturdays 10am-2am.

Text by: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje |  Photos by: Doyzkie and Edd Buenaviaje

Cebu had grown from a laid back city to a busy rapid growing metropolis. And with the brisk change, it’s good to know that some are thoughtful enough to remind us on how to relax and enjoy. Hang loose at District 50 and mellow out your tired self  with a serving of any of 35 international dishes from Chefs Chan and Jen’s  menu. The fifties themed diner exults in sharing second to none of the chefs’ favorite recipes and specialties with their customers and boasts fresh and quality food at prices that won’t hurt your pockets. Since orders are prepared fresh and is only prepared right after you order, District 50’s serving time is 15-25minutes, giving yourself and your friends, family or your date ample time to powwow and chill.

District 50

District 50’s red and white colors are as lucent as the pop culture of the 1950s when rock and roll boomed. And the black and white tiles,  just classic!

District 50 

And surprise your fiancé or your better half with a date on District 50’s  Herbie Beetle which intimately seats 2. (Call District 50 to reserve the Beetle)

District 50

District 50’s Tuna Pasta -Al dente fettuccine  in olive oil and tuna flakes, priced at 190php. With the olive oil and tuna, you might think that the dish might taste a bit pungent or  have a sharp tuna taste but the taste is actually quite clean. With the right amount of olive oil and tuna flakes just to flavor the entire dish did the trick, which in this case only Chef Chan knows.

District50 - Tuna Pasta


District 50’s Parmesan Chicken, price: 180php ( recommends this dish! Doyzkie’s favorite District 50 dish).  Chicken meat in tomato and basil sauce topped with parmesan cheese. Flavors on this dish just compliments each other. The taste of parmesan cheese as it melts with the tomato and basil sauce then the soft taste of  tender chicken meat as you chew, aaahhh. You have to taste and experience it.

District 50 - Parmesan Chicken


District 50’s Smoked Paprika Beef, price: 230php. What I love about District 50 is they use herbs and spices to flavor and  add color to  their dishes! District 50 uses paprika to color and to put a smokey kick into this dish.And beef being really stubborn and if not prepared well would tend to get really hard , District 50 made their beef tender without the use of meat tenderizer. How did they do it? That’s Chef Chan and Jen’s secret. :P.  And paprika not being much of a bold of a spice, chef added fresh and crunchy bell peppers and garnished it with parsley for a fuller taste.

District50 - Paprika Beef


District 50’s Osso Buco , Priced at 280php . Cross cut veal shank braised in red wine. Tender beef on a flavorful sauce of red wine and am guessing a hint of rosemary and thyme. this is enjoyed best with a hot steaming rice and maybe a bottle of beer. ^_^

District 50 -Osso Buco


Pair your favorite District 50 meals with District 50 special floats with home made ice cream!

District 50 floats


District 50 serves a variety of desserts as well.

Fresh Mango Crepe served warm in chocolate and caramel sauce topped with vanilla ice cream.

District 50 - Mango Crepe


And planning to stay up late and enjoy getting boozed up with friends? Chill at the al fresco area which is open til 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. District 50 is also open for functions and celebrations. Call District 50 for more information at 032-5111218.

District 50 Al Fresco Area

Business partners Chef Jen ( manages the restaurants) and Chef Chan (manages the kitchen) being keen on details, makes it a point to serve the food in standard plating dishes so they can make the food look great and even more, taste great! With great food, attentive waiters and great staff on the kitchen, would 2 month old Cebuano owned restaurant District 50 be another household name in Cebu pretty soon? Not far to happen. As for me, dining here was great and warm. Will be seeing more of District 50 really soon to sample out their other offerings.

District 50 Chef Jen and Chef Chan