We are very honored that we have been invited to share a recipe for Marco Polo’s The Great Media Cookout alongside Culinary expert Ms. Jessica Avila, Lifestyle writer from The Freeman and Philippine Star Ms. Honey Jarque-Loop, The Freeman’s food writer Dr. Nestor Alonso, Award winning photo journalist Mr. Tonee Despojo, TV Personality and Sunstar Columnist Alexis Yap and GMA Cebu’s station manager Ms. Ann Marie Tan.


Crispy Pata with Kare Kare Sauce

Crispy Pata with Kare Kare Sauce


Since many have requested that we post our recipe, here it is! 🙂 Please feel free to comment if you have any questions. 🙂


Ingredients for Crispy Pata:

1 Pig Leg

1 tbs salt

pinch of pepper to taste

2 tbs of fish sauce

5 cups water

Ingredients for Kare kare Sauce:

Coconut Milk

2 tbs toasted rice grain

1/2 ground peanut or use peanut butter

1 tbs of atchuete in 2 tbs of hot water



banana heart

shrimp paste



How to cook the Crispy Pata:

Boil the front leg in 5 cups of water with salt & pepper and fish sauce until tender. Cool, let dry and set aside. Deep fry the leg. Spray some water on the skin from time to time to make it crispy. Remove from oil when brown and crispy. Set aside on strainer to allow oil to drip.


How to Cook the Kare kare Sauce:

Put coconut cream, toasted rice, peanut butter in the blender and puree until smooth. Put atchuete seeds in 2 tbsp of hot water to make the red color come out. In a seperate pan, blanch the pechay leaves, banana and eggplant until cooked. Put puree mixture in a pan and let boil. Add the red water from the atchuete seeds and drain on the pan with the coconut cream mixture. Put fish sauce to taste. Simmer for 5 minutes or until all flavors are blended well.


Then in a big white plate, assemble a bowl of sauce, then top the crispy pata and side it with the vegetables. Add a small bowl of shrimp paste on the side! YUM!