TORCH (Cosplay Tournament of Champions) on its second year in Cebu was a blast.  The event was held at the Event Center in SM Cebu.  There were three teams competing to represent Cebu for the TORCH Finals in Manila on October 2, 2011 (Sunday) in Cosplay Mania 11.   The Cosplay Teams who  competed were Team #1 Vasto Lorde , Cosplaying as Ulquiorra and Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

team vasto lorde

Team #2  OTL, Cosplaying as Sora andThe Queen also known as Evil Queen (Kingdom Hearts)


Evil Queen




Team #3  Cebu’s Cosplay Couple, Cosplaying as Noel Vermillion and Jin Kisaragi (BlazBlue)

team cebu cosplay couple


Congratulations to the TORCH II Cebu Leg Winner : TEAM OTL ; Rayland Duarte and Leandro Pelenio!

with some of the TORCH Team

Cosplay Tournament of Champions II

The Cosplay Tournament of Champions (TOrCH) is a cosplay costume and talent competition that aims to create an energetic and competitive arena for Cosplay on a truly national level by holding cosplay contests in target venues in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. TOrCH Preliminaries will be held in key SM Malls all over the country to determine the best cosplayers of each region. Winners from the Regional Qualifiers get a chance to compete in the TOrCH Finals that will take place on Sunday, October 2, 2011 in Cosplay Mania 11.

TOrCH II Preliminaries Mechanics

The TOrCH II Preliminaries is open to all Philippine residents aged 18 and above on or before the date of Cosplay Mania ’11 (October 1, 2011).

Each TOrCH II valid contestant entry will require a team of two (2) individuals. Both individuals must be in Cosplay Costumes from any Japanese Intellectual Property (Anime, Tokusatsu (Metal Hero), Video Games, Movies or Comic Books). Both individuals must also be from the same series although characters may be mixed if there is an existing and official crossover of the characters (for instance, One Piece x Dragonball crossover.) Original or Fan-based (Dōjinshi) characters will be immediately disqualified.

TOrCH II Preliminaries shall be scheduled in key SM and SM Cyberzone venues in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in the following venues and on the following dates:

July 2 – SM City Baguio (Event Center)
July 16 – SM City Cagayan de Oro (Event Center)
July 30 – SM City Bacolod (Event Center)
August 6 – SM City Davao (Event Center)
August 13 – SM City Cebu (Event Center)
August 27 – SM City North Edsa (Annex)
September 4 – SM Southmall (Event Center)
September 24 – SM Manila (Cyberzone Event Center)