Restaurant: CMYK Dessert House

Address: Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Waterfront Drive Lahug Cebu City

Food: Desserts and more

Type of dining: Casual

Mode of Payment: Cash

Contact Number: 0922 857 7657

Parking Space: Yes

Operating Hours: 10:00 am – 12:00 am


It was a cold day as typhoon Pablo struck Cebu and  thought a hot bowl of ramen would make it all better. Good thing CMYK was open! One of the owners Lea Anne is a good friend of the team and is a very talented and passionate photographer, hence the name CMYK – Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black, the four primary colors in image printing and these are the color scheme she used for the restaurant.


But relating to dessert, CMYK means, Chocolate Makes You Kiss! ^_^ The restaurant’s ambiance is very cozy and homy. And the colors are as happy as the cute little horses in My Little Pony cartoons.


CMYK Dessert House


The ramen was the only thing we came for, but knowing our appetite, it’ll not the only thing that’s going down our tummy in this cold crazy weather.

The ramen was really good, as our good friend Cedric Lucero suggested. You can have it soupy or not. We opted for it to be soupy which is very suitable for the weather. It’s mildly spicy, tasting a bit like Shin Ramyun, totally perfect for the weather.

CMYK Ramen


Other stuff we ordered at CMYK Dessert House! YUUUM!


CMYK Moussaka

CMYK Vanlava

CMYK Mango Crepe


CMYK Mug Cake


CMYK Pavlova


Buuurp! Til our next piggin out session! 🙂