Civet Coffee Mactan Newtown Cebu

Branch Address: Ground Floor Two World Center Building Mactan Newtown Building Lapu-lapu City, Cebu

Operating Hours: 9am-1am everyday

WiFi: Yes

Parking: Yes, Mactan Newtown Parking Area

I was on my way to a churrasco party at Ibiza Beach Club and thought of fueling with caffeine first before heading to dinner. There was no parking space available at Starbucks Marina Mall so drove to Mactan Newtown for a cup of coffee at Mister Donuts, but  as I was about to make a turn to the parking lot, I spotted a very familiar logo, CIVET COFFEE!  Just last year, I had the best Cafe Mocha in their pilot branch in Shang Island Town Center and been a fan since, dropping by the cafe whenever I was in the area for a large serving.

Civet Coffee’s second branch has a different ambiance from its predecessor. The Mactan Newtown outlet has a  more “commercial” feel to it; resembling like a mainstream commercial coffee shop with the grey tile flooring, wooden tables and chairs, but the warm lights and the baristas make the cafe a bit homey.

Civet Coffee 2

Civet Coffee is an aspiring third wave coffee place; with the owners having personally concocted the coffee blends from beans they sourced out in Palawan, Bohol, Mindanao and Batangas, which they then charcoal roast in Civet Coffee’s main branch. Just to clarify things, not all beverages served in Civet Coffee has civet coffee beans in it. Though, they serve the special house blend called “Civet Coffee“,  made with 30% civet coffee and 70% Arabica coffee for Php500+ a cup – the only beverage in the menu with civet coffee.

Civet Coffee 3

Civet Cat Specialty Blend: Civet Cat Cofffee made with 30% Civet Cat Coffee with 70% Arabica Coffee

Most of their coffee-based beverages are made from house specialty coffee blends: (1) Wild Blending – a  blend of Robusta and Arabica blends, with beans sourced from Mindanao and (2) Barako Blend-  a bolder and stronger concoction, made from beans sourced in Batangas and Palawan.

One of the new beverages on the menu is the Barako Aeropress Coffee; made with Civet Coffee’s Barako blend, hand-pressed and served in less than three (3) minutes. A bold and dark coffee with a smokey hint. Enjoy it either hot or iced. (Price: 130Php)

CIvet Cat Coffee's Barako Aeropress Coffee

CIvet Cat Coffee’s Barako Aeropress Coffee

Barako Airpressed Coffee (130Php) with Choco Blackout (130Php)

Barako Airpressed Coffee (130Php) with Choco Blackout (130Php)

Also new on the Civet Coffee Menu are Red Ginseng, Gugma/Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tea Lattes. Interesting tea concoctions believed to have health benefits – Red Ginseng for endurance and stamina; Sweet potato helps in loosing excess body weight.

Civet Coffee Tea Lattes

Civet Coffee Tea Lattes

Haven’t had a Civet Coffee Cafe Mocha in 3 months and would definitely try a serving of it at this new branch when I come back! And hey, don’t forget to smile back at your friendly Civet Coffee Baristas when you can! 😉

Civet Coffee 7

(L-R) Civet Coffee Second Shift Baristas Roy, Johnril, Jenny, Johnray, Joevenwith Store Manager Crizel.

Have you tried any beverages at Civet Coffee already? Tell us your thoughts on your favorite drink by commenting below! 🙂