Circa 1

Who doesn’t love happy hour? But for those who aren’t familiar of what happy hour is, we consulted our dear friend Meriam Webster to better put into words what happy hour is.

Definition: Happy Hour \ˈha-pē\ \ˈau̇(-ə)r\ a period of time during which the price of drinks (as at a bar) is reduced.

One of Cebu’s posh restaurants serving really good food is Circa 1900. And who would have known they serve great cocktails as well. We have sampled a few of their signature cocktails which we will be sharing with you today on the blog. And we are giving you a heads up -they are amazing!  And yes, you can try them on discounted rate during Circa’s Happy Hour happening from 2pm-5pm daily!

I love how heedful Circa 1900 to infuse something Cebuano in their dishes and drinks. The first drink we tried is a lovely mix of sweet Cebu Mango nectar with the classic mojito mix of rhum, club soda, mint leaves and lime. Yeah, I know, tempting right? Hankering for  a serving of Circa’s Mango Mojito as I’m writing this blog. wheew!

Circa 4

If you grew up watching movies in betamax and VHS, then there’s a big chance your parents have snuck copies of the Karate Kid franchise in your movie shelves. The next drink we sipped on is a reincarnation of Mr. Miyagi at Circa! A potent concoction of Midori, Malibu, coconut cream, pineapple juice and a hint of calamansi. Haaaaiayaaah…….. Where’d my shoe go?

Circa 5

I’ve not been to Japan yet but Roponngi seems to be a familiar night spot in Japan. Circa interprets the district with their Roponggi Club. Bourbon, lemon juice and apple juice, shaken and dunked with a slice of apple. Assimilating how Roponggi Club kicks, the district must be refreshingly tangy, smooth and cider sweet. Can’t wait to travel visit Roponggi! Come with me, yes? ^_^

Circa 3

A fun medley of sunny tropical banana, Malibu, Banana liqueur and milk. Sounds good? Circa’s CocoBanana is sultry rad.

Circa 7

With the right mix of liquor, fruits, juices and other spirits in each serving of Circa cocktails, you’d grasp each flavor with every sip as it then mixes beautifully with the other components, ending in a medley of smile, smirks, laughter and snorts. Pure happiness.

So I totally get it now why they call it “Happy Hour.” ^_^

Enjoy discounts on house wine, local beers and cocktails during the  Happy Hour at Circa 1900 daily from 2pm-5pm. Cocktails and glass of house wine at just 150php per serving and local beers at 50php.