Chop Chop Food Centre

Address: The Gallery, Juan Luna Street Corner Golan Drive Cebu City

Operating Hours: Every Lunch 11AM-3PM, Dinner 5PM -10PM | Saturdays 11AM -10PM

Parking Space: Arcade Parking

WiFi: None

Contact Number: +6332 2368910


When I travel overseas, the thing I miss the most from my hometown is lechon.  But when I get back to my regular programming, then it starts to sink in – I miss the places I explored, people I met and of course, the food I savored on in that particular country.

I recently had a 10 day trip to Singapore, exploring the country’s different museums. Been to the Lion City countless of times and I love the country for 2 main reasons:  one, it’s less than a 4-hour flight from Cebu, and second, I personally find Singapore refreshing – always innovating and creative. And when in Singapore, I make sure I don’t miss a gastronomic hawker adventure.  Makansutra is probably the most famous tourist stop in sampling a great spread  of hawker dishes from the country. Arm yourself with agility though, for you need to find a table yourself for you to be able to dine in at this food strip.

Singaporean cuisine is really interesting. Multifaceted and flavorful from influences of neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia,India and western colonizers – yet surprisingly  maintaining a unique Chinese Singaporean identity.

My recent cravings for the multicultural Singaporean cuisine led me to dine at Chop Chop Food Centre. Offering authentic Singaporean dishes, it felt like I was transported to Singapore during my evening chow.

Okay, the place may look a bit fancy for a hawker place but the food experience is as authentic as it gets. With fresh ingredients (without the use of powder and MSG flavor enhancers ) and some ingredients straight from the Lion City, this is the real deal my friends.




Beef Rendang tops my list of Chop Chops best dishes. Was craving for this the most, since this was the last thing I had before I left Singapore last March. (Well, part of the last meal I had in SG, along with beef green curry and double fried chicken. teehee ) Chop Chop Food Centre’s Beef Rendang was a real treat. Imagine tender beef cubes, melting in your mouth with great flavors of sweet coconut milk and spices, and then chewing on it releases even more of the flavors. Aaaahh, soo good!  (Chef Vance, you need to prepare a serving of this on my next visit. :P)


A serving of Laksa would normally suffice as a meal for me, but this time it was just the beginning of a Singaporean feast. The spicy noodle soup is awesome paired with tarik or a glass of Milo Dinosaur. Katong Style Laksa 268PhP.



You’ll never go wrong with Satay! Perfect as an appetizer too. Chicken and Pork Satay 188Php per serving


Sambal Sting Ray’s surprisingly good.  The sweet fresh taste of the sting ray’s meat enhanced by the sambal – a perfect match! Sambal Sting Ray 298PhP.


Chop Chop Food Centre spares its customers the effort of going through the process of cracking the crab shell open to get to the goods. Their version of the famous Singaporean chili crab, dubbed as Chili Crab Meat, is equally as good.  Chili Crab Meat 288PhP.






And want more Sambal? you can have it with your rice too! Sambal Fried Rice 188PhP.






Milo Dinosaur is perfect with anything! And Ice Kachang (118PhP) to end a Singaporean feast was just fitting.



Are you hungry already lah? Get your fill of Singaporean hawker cuisine at Chop Chop Food Centre now!

And did I mention that Chef Vance Borja is also the man behind my favorite noodle house in Cebu? Seriously,  I was so teary eyed and overjoyed meeting THE MR. UNCLE NOODLE! sniff sniff. Though Uncle Noodle doesn’t have a physical store anymore, you can still order through a message on their Uncle Noodle Facebook Page. 🙂