Store: Chillage Urban Living

Address: Ground Floor Andama Building North Reclamation, Mandaue City Cebu

Food: Pasta, Salads and Desserts

tel: (032) 238.2730

Mode of Payment: Cash/ Credit Card (Credit Card requires a minimum of 3,000php )

Parking Space: Yes

Wifi: Yes


Chillage is a urban lifestyle store where you can shop for unique stuff or chill at their cafe. The place has this Cebuano-artsy-metropolitan feel to it, exuding a positive urban vibe – a great place to hang out and be artistic. It was 7-ish when we dropped by for a light dinner. And parking is no problem, easy breezy just like .



Getting inside the Chillage Cafe, you get to see awesome fashion and beauty items that are hip and cool!



Chillage Urban Lifestyle

Food prices range from 70php-120php and drinks from 35php-90php. Really affordable. Here are some of Chillage’s offerings we sampled.

Chillage’s Chips and Spinach & Cream Cheese Dip

Chips with Spinach and Cream Cheese dip, 70php. Tortilla with spinach greens and peppered cheese dip.

Chinese Chicken Salad

Chinese Chicken Salad, 110php. Chicken strips and veggies with sesame oil and crispy wonton.


Homegrown Pasta

Homegrown Pasta, 100php. Olive oil roasted vegetable & brown rice fusilli.

The Local Mermaid Pasta

The Local Mermaid, 110php. Spicy Spanish sardines with angel hair pasta.

Taparoni Pasta

Taparoni, 110php. Beef Tapa mcaroni with red sauce and cheese.


That’s about it for now, check again soon for more of our piggin out sessions! 😉