Restaurant: Chika-an Cebu

Address: Lahug Cebu City

Tel. No. 6332. 233 0350

Operating Hours: 1130 am – 2pm, 6pm – 10pm

Mode of Payment: Cash/Card



Chika-an sa Cebu has been serving Filipinos for 30 years and has built a tradition of serving Filipino dishes in an ambiance of an old Filipino home.  This was the 4th stop during the 1st day of the 3 day Filipino Food Trip, Sooo Pinoy sponsored by Department of Tourism and Uniliver Food Solutions was the Lahug branch of Chika-an sa Cebu. (Read about our 3rd stop: here: ). Served are 2 of Cebuano classics and healthy dishes, Utan Bisaya and Ampalaya with dilis.

Utan Bisaya

Utan Bisaya or vegetable soup is a common dish in Cebu usually paired with rice.  It’s soup is refreshing and the mix of the vegetable ingredients is tasty! Ampalaya with dilis on the other hand is not for everyone. Ampalaya or bittermelon is not enjoyed by everybody for its bitter taste, but it’s healthy enough to increase insulin sensitivity. ^_^

Ampalaya Dilis


4th stop for the day and you can just imagine how full I am. But still got one more stop to go, Mooon Cafe! Aja!