Cebu takes pride for having one of the country’s tastiest lechons. And to find out which lechon house is the best, we asked our followers this question:  “What is your Favorite Lechon in Cebu” (poll was made via Facebook Questions)

The votes from lechon lovers determined iLuvCebu’s top 5 lechon houses in the metro.

And the Top 5 Favorite Lechon in Cebu are:

Top 5: Ayer Lechon

Ayer Lechon has 2 branches:

I2 Asiatown I.T. Park and Mactan International Airport

Telephone Number: 231 7615 / 268 0327 / 09228268133

Ayers Lechon


Top 4: Chona’s Lechon in Talisay

Talisay City is Cebu’s Inasal Capital and I have heard lots about Talisay’s lechon- them being tasty and juicy. Though I personally haven’t tried any lechon from any roast house in Talisay City or the 4th place on this lechon poll, but will soon and definitely will find out more information about the 4th placer on our Cebu’s Top 5 Lechon Favorites: Chona’s Lechon and lechons in Talisay.

Top 2 &3: Rico’s and Alejo’s Lechon

Rico’s Lechon is known for their spicy lechon and would personally recommend this for it is on my list of my favorite lechons in Cebu. For orders and reservations,  call: (032) 344-0119;(032)345-5688; telefax: (032) 344-1343 cellphone numbers: 0917 4072033 and 09086069641

Rico’s Spicy Lechon

Sharing the 2nd and 3rd place with Rico’s Lechon is Alejo’s Lechon. I havent tried Alejo’s yet but would definitely add this on my list.  For Orders Call them at. # +63.32.261-8575 | +63.32.261-9162. Address: Labangon Salvador Extension Cebu City Cebu

Alejos Lechon

And on our TOP 1 is  CnT Lechon!

CnT Lechon Team with Tuxedo team

Juicy and tasty meat,  golden crisp skin = Lechon Perfection! team and Team Tuxedo Manila definitely agree with the poll results- CnT is definitely number 1 on our list! One of the factors that CnT is number 1 is that they have several restaurants, where its easier for tourists and locals to dine in, not that fancy but it sets the mood for a perfect Cebuano get together. Though I personally have experienced several awful incidents with lechon attendants in their North Reclamation branch but the lechon sets a good mood feel. On the other hand, their Guadalupe branch is very commendable and would be the best way to experience CnT: great lechon with courteous and accommodating waitresses.  CnT is also available at Ayala Center Food Choices and SM Supermarket which make it easier for lechon lovers to satisfy their lechon cravings! Other CnT Branches are at the North reclamation Area (across SM) and CnT Lechon  1377 Rama Ave, Guadalupe, Cebu City. You may call 6332) 254-4249, (6332) 254-6641 for inquiries and reservations.


Thank you to all 232 people who participated in the poll!

Top 5 best Lechon Poll