During the era of analog photography, the only ways to get dibs, tricks and tips on taking great looking pictures are: (1)  ask techniques from seasoned photographers, and (2) buy photography books. An analog photography newbie’s dilemma is even if he is gifted with an eye in capturing great photos, there’s the possibility he won’t get the right composition he wanted until he gets the print, and too late for the mishap to be corrected.

The digital age on the other hand is a totally different photography scenario. Today, you can just Google photography tips and  hundreds of recipes would come up  on how to take a perfect looking captures for your reference. And today, we get to preview the captures through our cameras’ LCD screens as well before we have them printed or posted on our social networking sites.

Do you still remember a few years back when everybody owned a DSLR Camera? Today, a big chunk of the digital camera market belongs to the portable camera phones/ smart phones. Undoubtedly most of us now prefer to bring our handy-dandy camera phones instead of the bulky and heavy DSLR cameras to document our everyday life, and even on special occasions. Welcome to the mobile photography age!

Mobile photography is distinctively unconventional compared to the traditional analog and digital SLR photography disciplines. No rules apply, just point and shoot; and a little help from photo-enhancing apps you’d get great looking photos in a flash. And I bet you are all well-versed with Instagram by now; the mobile photography app accounting each instagrammer’s life and events in real time.

Did you know that Instagram shares a list consisting of a variety of talented Instagrammers to follow from around the globe? These Suggested Instagrammers bring a unique perspective to Instagram by sharing inspiring photos and videos, helping to cultivate the larger Instagram community and inspiring creativity!

Today on #TheList, we rounded up  7 Cebu-based Instagrammers  who are part of the pool of talented Suggested Instagrammers around the world and their tips on how to take artistic Instagram photos!


 7 Cebu-based Suggested Instagrammers


1. RYAN REYES, 2-time Suggested Instagram User. Nursing Phlebotomist by Profession. 

“There are no fixed rules in photography, even more so in taking instagram photos for instagram. However composition is everything. It makes or breaks the photo. Another thing is to never stop exploring. There’s always something amazing to photograph just around the corner. Lastly, trust your vision and your voice. Never let the fear of judgement stop you from growing and developing your craft. Because at the end of the day, those followers and likes are just numbers. It’s what you produce that matters most.” – @RyannReyes 

Urban Decay - @RyanReyes

Urban Decay – @RyanReyes


2. MARCO PAULO DIALA, 2-time Suggested Instagram User. Web Developer/Blogger.

“I have a messy feed, I basically post anything that I find Instagram worthy. When I take photos, I look for interesting subjects, nice backgrounds, lines, angles and perspective to come up with a great composition. I make sure that everything in the photo looks balanced as well.” – @CountoCram





3. DOLLY PONTILLAS, Fashion Designer/Artist.

“I am often asked how did I came up with my own art style, why “Tomato Cheeks”. I was working on a portrait few years back and I didn’t realize there’s red ink on the side of my hand. You know when you try to remove ink off a spot and it turned out to be a bigger mess? RAGE. But the gates of art havens opened and it didn’t turned out as sh*tty as I thought it would. Here’s some art tips: Draw what you like. Draw whatever the heck you like. Create weird proportions and experiment on colours. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because it happens and that’s okay. Don’t compete and compare your works to other artists. When you look at other artists’ works, dont be discouraged when you think they did a better job, instead: enjoy their art, get ideas and be inspired. You will never stop learning. You’ll be wrinkly and grey and still be learning new things. Even the ‘pros’ don’t know everything. Love the quirks and imperfections of your drawings and eventually, you will see your own art style developing.” -@dollypontillas
“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” —Pablo Picasso

IMG_5627 (1)


“Play with light.

Lighting is a necessity in taking good photographs. A well-lit picture looks sharper and clearer than the ones taken in low light. This time, experiment and play with light. You can put your subject before your light source so it displays a silhouette. I personally call this as “Against the Light” technique. Now, position your camera at an angle which shows a perfect flare. Tip, go for natural light. It is better to shot photographs one hour after the sunrise or one hour before the sunset because the light from the sun is just right for a photo and is not that bright.” -@lemm.g

5. LAMIKAAYO, Web Developer/ Blogger. 
 “When I take food shots I consider the following- plating, lighting, background and texture. I make sure that the food is the focus of the photo and will make the viewer hungry. Flat-lays also work if you want to capture multiple dishes.” -@LamiKaayo
6. GRAMIELLE A. AMBALONG, Culinary Student.
“That one great landscape shot will look even greater with a subject in it, say a person or two. When out capturing scenes, try to find an angle a little far back where you get a great perspective of your subject playing a unifying role to the whole atmosphere and size of the space. Works well also with nature, and every other place with a view. A great blue ocean with a lady in a bikini atop a floater taken slightly from above, or a group of friends sitting on a mountain cliff taken from down below; A simple background with a plain subject when put beautifully together will always work magic. Two birds with one stone.” -@Gramielle

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with j2 preset



7. WILLFREDO JR. , Aeronautical Engineer Student. 

” I  love taking pictures. I take passion in capturing that split moment of happiness and wonder. Cebu has been my playground for years. Some of my shots are taken in my hometown, Dalaguete, and some are taken in Cebu City where I am currently pursuing my degree in Aeronautical Engineering. I usually take take pictures of people and scenes that catch my attention. I seldom take staged shots. When it comes to post processing, I barely edit or put filters into my my shots. I want it to look exactly like how my eyes see such moment. Spontaneity is my game. Relieve Moments through taking pictures. Just keep shooting, just keep sharing those moments. Instagram is a diverse community of arts and people where you can learn, inspire and be an inspiration in return. Make friends and let Instagram do the rest.” – @willJr42



Have you seen their Instagram feeds? Awesome right? If not, check them out already and hit the follow buttons for all seven Cebu-Based Suggested Instagram users! 🙂