It is said that there was once a fairy princess who fell in love with a farmer. The beautiful “diwata” then took a human form to be able to mingle with her mortal love. With her morphing temporary, she accidentally blew her cover, turning into her mystical self during one of their strolls along the river. But the incident didn’t lessen their love at all, instead made it clear that they belong in each others arms. The forbidden love between a “diwata” and a mortal made the fairy princess relinquish her supernatural heart, leaving it on their favorite spot of the river, in place of a human heart and form. And from then on, the princess and the farmer, lived a happy, mortal life together.

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Adventuregrammer Miguel Gee Abas, Jr. and I met during last year’s #iLuvCebuInstameet, and his team of adventuregrammers had me green with envy with all the weekend exploits around Cebu and the Philippines. Vivo and I had a recent online chat regarding this beautiful natural sculpture. Located in Sitio Baugu Barangay Budlaan, Kabang River gives out a  beautiful statement of love with its natural heart-shaped pool.


Vivo shares tips on efficiency when planning on going in nature adventures and his personal remarks on its rewards. And just in time for Valentines, Vivo tells us on how to get to the mystical heart-shaped pool of Budlaan River/Kabang River. 
What drives you to explore Cebu?

Being one of the country’s top tourist destinations, it is dotted with a lot of nature-based attractions. Since it draws countless visitors, including adventure junkies, you wouldn’t want to miss what it offers, would you?

What are the rewards of going on this kind of adventure?

It is an exhilarating experience to revel in the raw beauty of Cebu’s natural wonders. Being in the outdoors with less internet connection grants one to appreciate what life really is. Through disconnecting, it allows you to reconnect with yourself and the world around you by just communing with Mother Nature.

Any tips to newbie adventurers?

Plan ahead. Research what to bring, what to wear and what to do. Don’t limit yourself to what you already know, be thrilled to explore and discover places you never knew existed or do something you’ve never done before. Step out of your comfort zone. Embrace the unfamiliar and the unknown. Adapt to the changing environment. Expect the unexpected. And most importantly, just have fun. At the end of the day, the adventure continues.

How to get to Budlaan Falls / Kabang Falls:
From Sunny Hills, Talamban, ride a habal2x or bike for hire going to the jump-off point in Sitio Baugo. From there, a 20-minute hike/river-trek will lead you to several mini-falls with unique features.

And now we know on how to get to Budlaan River/ Kabang River! But always remember that safety is very important when embarking on nature adventures. So be sure you know the terrain or have someone guide you and your group when going there for the first time. Presence of mind is a must in every step you take to prevent accidents. You can follow Vivo on instagram, @vivomigsgee , for more tips.

#iLuvCebu because it showcases harmonious co-existence of rich history, culture and contemporaneity. It is haven for adventure enthusiasts, offering numerous adrenaline-pumping activities that dauntless people love and new adventurers would like to experience.” – Miguel Gee Abas, Jr.

Interview and Text by Cebu’s Lifestyle + Fashion Blogger Doyzkie Buenaviaje