OLX Bahayanihan is an ongoing bahay-buhay makeover campaign, which aims to improve people’s lives by guiding winners into living a smart, efficient and sustainable life. It includes organizing clutter in their house, assisting them sell their secondhand items, and life coaching sessions.
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Winners are chosen from our roster of active OLXers nationwide and last February 16, a Cebuano OLXer named Adrian Guanzon from Lilo-an was chosen as winner. 

He wears many hats to get through life. He is a full-time call center agent, who works as a freelance real estate agent by day posting properties for rent and for sale on OLX. He’s also a computer repairman, a service which he also posts on OLX. He also do buy and sell of secondhand items to earn extra income.
We salute you Adrian for your hard work and dedication. You too can be part of the OLX family. Start your journey to success by registering on OLX.PH.