About 8kms. /15 minutes from JY Square Lahug, Cebu Zipline is not just about ziplines- but a place for fun and adventure with different activities for kids and adults, and a picnic area for families to just relax.

. If you are publicly commuting, the cheapest and most convenient way to get there is to avail of Cebu Zipline’s Shuttle Service. Minimum charge per trip is 300php for 10 persons (fare is 30php for each of the 10 passengers.) Pick up point is at JY Square Lahug/Petron Station Lahug. (For reservations and inquiries call or text 09176358244/ 09176358241)

Cebu Zipline Sign

Laze and neuteric semblance compared to the assiduous city setting, simmer down to the fresh and cool breeze of Busay overlooking Cebu cities: Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-lapu.

Aside from the 170 and 400 meters ziplines,  Cebu Zipline tenders a lot more adventure activities . There’s the Wire Walk- as the name suggests, you will be walking on wire. ^_^.  There are 3 tracks to choose from – first one is the wire and the other two is with wooden board steps. You can choose a track from point A to B and another track on your way back. The attraction fee is 20php from point A to B and back. A  great way to toughen up and conquer one’s fear of heights!

Wire Walk


Wire Walk with wooden steps



A children’s playground with a bunny pen! A complimentary attraction at Cebu Zipline! Pretty Cool Bamboo-made playground!

Playground for Children and adults who act like children. hehehe



At the Children’s Playground


Ride August the horse for 50php for 2 rounds (around 7 minutes).

ATVs are for rent at 300php for 15mins. The ATV path shares same walk way as the customers  which is quite dangerous.I hope the management would tell their employees to not let customers use the steep inclined ramp when ATVs are passing. My dad who was walking up the zip line area and noticed that an ATV was descending, so he then stood at the side of the inclined path  yet the girl (who was a bit affrighted) driving the ATV crashed on the cooler my dad is carrying, almost hitting him. wheeew. Good thing that the renters of the ATVs are given proper safety gears like helmets, elbow & knee guards. Maybe with the ATVs sharing the same path with the customers’ walkway, all guests should be given safety gears as well. hahaha. (Having reported the incident to the management, I am expecting this would never happen again. :))



Cebu Zipline boasts of having the longest zipline in Cebu at 400 meters. Try it for 200php or 250php doing the superman position. For beginners, sample the 170 meters for 100php or add 50php if you prefer the superman position.



Our Sunday at Cebu Zipline was great (minus the ATV almost hitting my dad.) Just a 15-20 minute drive away from the city proper, it’s a great escape from hustling city. Definitely, a must experience when in Cebu!

Cebu Zipline Park Schedule:

Monday to Thursday – 10:00am-8:00pm

Friday: 10:00am to 10:00pm

Saturday to Sunday – 8:00am to 10:00pm