Sitting on the right-side edge of the table provided for our non-profit organization iLearners Inc., my ears were entirely glued to Mrs. Marlinda Angbetic Tan, Ms. Eileen Mangubat and Ms. Isolde Amante’s discussion on “How to Get Published” during last year’s #CebuLitfest. I personally find the segment the most engrossing part of Cebu Literary Festival 2014. But the day was not a minute short of anything that is literary, which constituted of talks, moderated conversations, exhibits, demos, presentations, book launch and a music and poetry jam.

Litfest 2015

On its second leg, writers, book lovers, and storytellers congregate for Cebu Literary Festival 2015. “This year is just bigger! We have over 30 writers participating and we have Carlos Celdran who will talk about his Imelda shows and I’m personally looking forward to that. We’ve had several meetings with him to bring his Imelda show to Cebu but the timing never felt right. We are still hoping to bring that to Cebu of course but for now we’re happy to bring Carlos to talk about his work here at the Cebu litfest,” shares Cebu Litfest founder Mr. Hendri Go.

Hendri Go

With Cebu Literary Festival happening this Saturday already, my excitement transposed my catching up online conversation with Mr. Hendri Go to a real quick Cebu Litfest Q&A.


iLuvCebu: How long did it take to put this event up?


Hendri Go: Well I think the creative process never ends so anytime an idea comes in or i see something that’s inspiring and I think might translate well to Cebu litfest I take note of it. So the past year has been just collecting ideas. And we brainstorm, Hope and I. Hope Yu of Cebuano studies center is my co organizer. I think the actual preparations we worked on them for three months. More intensely in the last few weeks. In our case, I think I contacted you a few months ago and didn’t follow up til last week no?


iLuvCebu: Yes you did! And we are glad and really grateful that our non-profit organization, iLearners Inc. will be receiving books from NBS and Anvil through Cebu Literary Festival. And yey for we will again have a table to receive Children’s books for donation during the event. Thank you Hendri and Hope for having us again.

And before we end our online Q&A, please tell us what do you want to accomplish with Cebu Litfest? For those who attend?


Hendri: Well hopefully it’s a venue where book worms can congregate and identify as a tribe. We want To connect writers with readers, writers with other writers, in a fun social way. Like a lolapalooza for the written word. We also want to encourage more writing that’s why we have a free workshop this year. Tim Tomlinson of New York writers workshop we’re flying him in to do one. So hopefully that will lead to more writing being done here in Cebu


With the success of its first installment, Cebu Litfest has garnered a huge following and promises an even more exciting bill this year. Don’t miss to drop by (but don’t be shy and stay the whole day, you are very much welcome) this Saturday, June 20,2015 for Cebu Literary Festival 2015. And yes, it’s free! Read on and check out Cebu Litfest 2015’s schedule.



Lit Matters: a discussion on teaching literature in Philippine schools with Christine Godinez Ortega, Joseph Tan, and Nancy Toledo. Hope Sabanpan-Yu, moderator.



Situation and Setting: a workshop for poetry and prose with Tim Tomlinson, president of New York Writers Workshop.



Writing in Tongue: a panel on Bisaya literature with Merle Alunan, Insoy Ninal, and Bambi Beltran. Kristee Ann Delfin, moderator. Book launch.



Coming Out: a panel on Philippine LGBT writing with Ian Casocot, Kristian Cordero, and John Iremil Teodoro. Niel Kintanar, moderator. Book launch.



Home and Away: a panel discussion with Cebuano poets Larry Ypil, Nikay Paredes, and Jun Dumdum. Tim Tomlinson, moderator. Book launch.



Anywhere But Here, Any Time But Now: a reading from a work in progress travel book by Jessica Zafra, followed by interview with Jude Bacalso. Book launch.



The City as A Story: Carlos Celdran talks about his Intramuros and Imelda narratives, followed by interview with Isolde Amante.



Mojaresil: Resil Mojares in conversation with Jessica Zafra. Book launch.



Pechakucha x #cebuLitFest with Francis Sollano of Movement for a Livable Cebu, Grace Marie Lopez of USC Cinema Department, Darwin Dexter Sy of Bomba Press, Boboi Costas of Aloguinsan River Eco-Cultural Tourism, Nancy Cudis of Cebu Book Club, and Mark Deutsch and the Happy Garaje team. Hosted by Maria Gigante.



Folk Fiction x #cebuLitFest featuring Carissa Garcia Codilla, Jude Bacalso, Nikay Paredes, Lawrence Ypil, Ian Casocot, Michelle Varron, Carlo Villarica, Don Frasco, Darliza C. Dar Juan, Patrick Abing, Marc Abuan, David Cua, Johnn Mendoza, Ahmed Cuizon, Shane Carreon, Jona Bering, Manu Rodrigo, Kristin Aldana-Lerin, Edwin Joseph Castaneda and Adonis Durado. Musical performances by Therese Villarante and Jerika Teodorico. Hosted by Chloe Palang.


For more information call (0915) 445-3049.