University of the Philippines Cebu‘s Team Iskapade – Jassy, Joyce and Kat with Coach Bogart the Explorer landed the runner-up spot of last year’s CEB Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge. Will a team from Cebu be bringing home the coveted CEB Backpacking Challenge grand prize this year?


With the 2016 leg of the backpacking race’ ultimate prize the grandest one yet, I am pretty sure everyone is excited to know who the five (5) teams of three (3) are; the five (5) groups who will be taking on fun challenges and compete to win that travel-all-you-can pass to any Cebu Pacific domestic or international (short-haul) destination!

So, if you are between 17 and 22 years old, and currently enrolled students or fresh graduates,  don’t miss your chance to join an epic all-for-free travel adventure by sending your application for CEB Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge 2016. Application deadline is on May 15, 2016. For full mechanics, click here.

Juan For Fun


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