Cebu is home to the best swine roast houses there is in the country. CnT, Rico’s, Ayers and Zubuchon lead the commercial lechon cult in Cebu City. Talisay and Lapu-lapu too have several lechon houses that serve super tasty roasted pigs. But each of these lechon houses have their distinct flavor and taste. And Carcar is one of the cities in Cebu that has a unique lechon recipe that has been loved by many Cebuanos and tourists – roasted pig made more flavorful with pig broth and roasted pig drippings.

Lechon vendors are lined up inside Carcar Public Market. Since the lechon are available only for take-away, you can dine in at one of the carenderias situated rearward of the lechon vendors. Just buy rice and drinks from the carenderia and get your appetite ready for the feast! Buy a kilo for just 300php and share it with 3 of your friends!

Carcar Lechon

Carcar Lechon


iLearners Inc. has been doing outreaches for almost 7 years now in the mountain areas of Carcar. And we make it a point to celebrate after each successful charity by eating lechon in Carcar city center. With 3 major outreaches a year in Carcar, we have tried all the lechon lined up in the market several times already. All are appetizing and tasty, but we have this one favorite, GUILING’s SPECIAL LECHON!

Guiling’s Special Lechon is a recipe by their Papa Cinto passed on to the present lechon roasters of their house. Even without the broth and drippings, the meat itself is already very delicious. Imagine crispy golden red skin, with a thin layer of fat and flavorful tender meat. Yum! And the lechon is even  tastier with the broth and pig drippings!

Can’t wait to go back real soon!

Tip: If you are planning to bring lechon back to the metro, be sure to have the broth be separated from the lechon to mke sure it doesn’t go bad.

Carcar Lechon

Carcar Lechon


Carcar Lechon Contact Numbers:

1. Guling’s Special Lechon  -09105929406, 09192942241 or 0929737582.

2. Milling Jeffrey Special lechon – 09194090447

3. Bebie Special Lechon – 09277998088

4. Fely and Marlon Special Lechon – 09053894509

5. Oca Paraz Special Lechon  – 09999527112

6. Arline Lechon – 09124552083