December 15, 2013. It was a sunny Sunday as we assembled in Marigondon Wharf to hop on a pump boat to the beautiful island of Caohagan where one of our adopted school is – Caohagan Elementary School. We were scheduled to leave the wharf at 8:30AM but SM Supermarket delivered our Christmas packs an hour and a half late and left the wharf at 10:30AM.

Caohagan Christmas Joys 5

The boat ride takes around 25-60 minutes depending on the tide. Since we left the wharf late, the tide was already low which caused us an hour to  to reach the island. It was around 11:30AM as we arrived the island and have to shorten the program so we can give the food in time for their lunch.

Caohagan Christmas Joys 20

My brother Reymond and I, Doyzkie Buenaviaje, together with our nephew Lenard Cleo Shockey and fellow iLearners Marco Diala, Dave Bargamento, Charlene Retalla, Farrah and Carelle Retalla with friends Dianne and Jerick.

We played 2 group games and then the kids showed off  talents and performed their Christmas numbers. Food and Christmas Packs were then distributed after the program. Prizes were given to game winners and best performers.




iLearners Inc. is a 6 year old non profit organization that aims to help, reach out and improve the quality of learning in the rural areas of Cebu. iLearners Christmas Joys Project is part of Phase 1 (3 phases) of tthe organization’s action plan in helping out the students in the rural baranggay of Cebu. Christmas Joys Project help us know more the community of where our adopted school is situated, get to interact more with the kids, establish a good relationship with the teachers and the parents. Currently iLearners have 3 adopted schools in Cebu with 600 students under the programs.


iLearners  together with would like to thank Pinoy Badminton Club for the Christmas Packs and the food packs and  Je Suis Maharet for the candy packs.

See pictures of the Kaluangan Leg of iLearners Christmas Joys here: