Restaurant: Canvas

Address: 2nd Level The Terraces Ayala Cebu City

Food: Australian

Type of Dining: Casual

Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card

Tel. No. 4171978

Wifi: Yes

Photos and Review by Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje

Canvas had always been a personal favorite of mine. Entering the restaurant you’d notice the paintings or artworks on the walls from a featured artist (featured artist changes every month). Just a year and 4 months old, Canvas had been attracting not just the locals but tourists as well. I got to join several frequent guests and Canvas fans in a Japanese and Modern Australian six course degustation meal prepared by owner/head chef Steve Shrimski and Japanese guest chef Chef Taka Ishida. It was a night of great food and great company.

I get to be seated in a table with a young businesswomen from Australia and an older gentleman from Manila and his assistant, who by the way flew in to Cebu just for the degustation. What’s common about the four of us? We all love Canvas! Metodo Tradicional 2009 (Spain) was served as our pre-dinner wine.

First served was  the broth. Superior Asian broth with chicken julienne, roast corn kernels, and egg ribbons. It’s tasty and not salty at all.

Poached crabmeat with apple Jelly and “Yuan” Style grilled Mackerel with pickled Paprika was next to be served. The crabmeat was poached just right not loosing its flavor. I love the lightly-smokey tasting mackerel with the lightly sweet pickled paprika.

Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Souffle with Port wine glazed Spanish onion. Halfway the coursed meal, and am almost full! Loved the souffle, gooey and creamy!

Kobushime Style” Lapu-lapu slices infused with Konbu in Sake & Ginger broth. Ginger and sake cancels the overly fishy taste but not killing the natural saltiness of the Lapu-lapu slices.

Meltique Beef Tataki with Ponzu Dressing on scalloped potato tart. The briefly seared beef makes it juicy.

Wheeeew! Am so full but who wouldn’t want a sweet ending! Chocolate Amaretto Cheesecake with Frangelico and Hazelnut Mango. Yum!