Born in Ontario, Marco Polo’s  Canadian Executive Chef Luke Gagnon showcased his skills to invited guests and delighted us with a cooking demonstration during the launch of Culinary Canada at the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel. Here’s one of the recipes he shared with us during the Canadian cooking demonstration. 


Marco Polo’s Canadian Executive Chef Luke Gagnon


Dish: Hazelnut crusted halibut, green pea puree, yopoi spaetzie, clam and parmesan foam Red pepper Coulis

Yields 6 portion

Hazelnut Halibut (photo from Marco Polo)

Ingredients and procedure:

For the Halibut:

600g halibut cut into strips

100g hazelnuts ground

85g glour

2g egg wash

1g salt

1g pepper

Lemon Juice

120ml vegetable oil for frying

Procedure: cut halibut into strips, season, add lemon juice, dredge in flour, dipped in whisked egg, place in hazelnuts and coat evenly

For Green pea puree:

250g green peas

30g butter

20g shallots

10g Garlic

15g proscuitto, diced

3g basil, chopped

3g mint, chopped

10g corn syrup

3g cilantro

85g chicken stock

1g pepper

2g salts

60g cream

Procedure: In Sauce Pan add butter and saute all ingredients, add the stock and cream, season to taste puree.

For the spaetzie:

4pcs whole egg

168g milk

1g white pepper

3g parsley, chopped

440g semolina flour

220 g all purpose flour

1g nutmeg

100g yopol

20g vegetable oil

3g salt

Procedure: Mix all ingredients in a stainless bowl. In boiling water add salt and vegetable oil. In spaetzie pan place dough and over the boiling water push through the pan and bring to a boil until they float. Skim off immediately and place spaetzie in ice water. Remove, drain well, place in a dry towel, In smoking pan, hot pan sauté in olive oil until golden brown.

For the clam and parmesan foam

4pcs Gelatine sheets

448 ml clam juice

2g josher salt

2g ground bell pepper

2pcs C02 cream charger

5g Parmesan powder

Procedure: in a bowl, submerge gelatine sheets in water. Let soften and remove, mean while heat clam juice, using hand lift out gelatine sheets in water. Let soften and remove, mean while heat clam juice. Using Hand lift gelatin sheets from the water and squeeze, place in clam sauce and stir gently. Season with salt and pepper, pour into a chilled canister . Charge with 2 Co2 chargers and chill for 1 hour. Garnish with red pepper coulis.


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