Cafe Racer Diner | Car Wash and Detailing

Address: North Reclamation Area Mandaue City Cebu

Contact Number: (032) 511 7798

Operating Hours: 11:00AM -2:00AM Daily

Parking: Yes

Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card

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I bet almost everyone have heard  or even dined at this automobile concept diner in North Reclamation Area. Introducing a new blueprint for a restaurant and executing it well are two good reasons why Cebuanos have embraced the concept with open arms, drawing in automobile enthusiasts, bike aficionados, foodies and well, basically everyone who loves eating to Cafe Racer.

It was a Sinulog weekend and the place was packed as we tried to grab dinner, but luckily we were seated immediately. It’s not hard to decipher why Cafe Racer has been a hit just after a few months from opening. The indoor and the al fresco dining areas are so photogenic, that when a guest posts a photo on any of  his/her social media account, it would entice his/her friends to visit the diner.

Oil drums made into chairs, a Volkswagen Van as a makeshift counter, an automobile tool drawer turned utensil keeper and a vintage motorcycle are a few of the interesting elements you’ll find  at the indoor dining area.

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And at the Al fresco area, you’d find a Volswagen Beetle turned into a griller and a gas pump machine that pumps beer by the liter. Pretty cool!


Cafe Racer 4


Yes, the place is pretty but how’s the food? The team tried 4 dishes which our friendly waitress suggested.  She proposed the Baby Back Ribs but did mention that the rib recipe is the same with Mooon (also belonging to Pages Group of restaurants.) The group ordered the Kansi, Osso Buco,  Grilled Porkchop and the Breaded Porkchop. Kansi is served on a sizzling plate with chunks of tender meat and a pre cracked bone so it’s easier to scoop out the bone marrow. Love the creaminess but thought it was a bit salty. The Osso Buco serving came with 3 round slices of beef with a buttery gravy sauce.  The Grilled Porkchop is smothered with sweet barbecue sauce, pretty much the same taste with Mooon’s  Baby Back Rib sauce. It gets a bit dry in the middle though. The Breaded Porkchop would be my favorite among the 4 dishes we ordered. It was seasoned well (even without the gravy) yet not too salty. Taste wise – Cafe Racer does serve good food and we can’t wait to try their other dishes! Maybe next time, we’d try to have our car washed too! ^_^

So have you dined at Cafe Racer? Tell us what you think, we’d love to hear from you!

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