Restaurant: Buddies

Address: Piazza Elesia Talamban Cebu City 6000 (just across Silver Hills)

Telephone Number: 032 – 5208732

Food: Filipino, Mexican, American

Type of Dining: Casual Dining

Type of Payment: Cash

Wifi: Yes (ask the password from any of  waiters or cashier)

Store Hours: 11am- 10PM Mondays -Sundays


Text by: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje | Photos by: Edd Buenaviaje


Yes it’s Wednesday cheat day again and iLuvCebu team is excited to share our latest discovery to everyone – BUDDIES!  The restaurant is really hard to miss for once you enter the arcade, Piazza Elesia, it’s the first store on your right. 🙂 And parking? Not a problem!




Buddies  just opened  on the 1st of May this year, had been creating a bit of a buzz online for it’s juicy flavorful patties! The toned down diner ambiance with a clean and crisp red highlights and wooden furnishings would give it away, that Buddies is not a fast-food restaurant. Your burgers, burritos and everything else on the menu (except for the drinks of course) are prepared just right after you order so give them around 8 to 15 minutes to prepare, but waiting is all worth it when you get to try the good stuff served here at Buddies! Everyone who were able to dine in at the 2 month old cafe now knows how delectably good their burgers are but do they know why the cafe is named , “Buddies“?

Ok, once upon a time, John Paul was lost in a forest far far away and started looking for a way out of the forest before darkness fall. As he was looking he saw a young fellow playing poker under a tree named Blake. He then joined Blake playing poker and as dinner comes to a near, they both fell hungry and started looking for something to eat. As they stroll around the forest they sniffed a stupendous essence of smoke and followed it. And there, insight is Nino making burgers! And from then on they became good friends enjoying burgers, burritos, tacos and many more over poker for many many years. And after so long, they were able to get out of the forest far far away, they decided to open up a restaurant which they called , “BUDDIES!” teehee.

Okay okay, that’s me and my imagination running on overdrive. But yes, it’s named Buddies because the restaurant is owned by 3 long time buddies Nino Bascon, John Paul Chiongbian and Blake Go. Buddies Nino, John Paul and Blake decided to share with the rest of Cebu, or maybe the world, what Nino has been preparing for them and their friends over the years – hence the diner “Buddies” was opened!

It’s dinner time and let’s give you a quick rundown on what we ordered. We had chili Cheese fries, onion rings, Carnitas Taco, Philly Cheese Steak , Buddy Burger with chili con carne and cheese, Carnitas Burrito, Sizzling Burger Steak and Fried Chicken, wheeew!  Okay hold those thoughts, just to remind you guys, we were 5 who partook dinner, not to be defensive and all, just want to make it clear. hehe 😉

Buddies' Chili Cheese Fries (85php)

I love fries! Well, who doesn’t! And you would love it more with chili con carne and cheese like how Ron and Rufus eat their  fries like a boss! (Ron’s Kim Possible’s sidekick and rufus is the naked mole rat, in case you don’t know ’em ;)).


Buddies Onion Rings (45php)

Crispy coating and tender sweet onion inside! For onion ring fans, this you would enjoy! Reminds me of my friend Neil Matillano from Singapore who loves onion rings! See you soon buddy and try Buddies when you visit Cebu!


Buddies Carnitas Taco (120php)

Buddies’ Carnitas Taco or pork taco would be a different taco from what we Cebuanos have been accustomed to. Most restaurants here would serve tacos on a hard shell but here at Buddies they serve it on a soft flour tortilla with meat onions, tomato and cilantro. Yum!


Buddy Burgers (89php ++ for extra toppings)

Buddies has one of the best burgers in town!  Each of the members of iLuvCebu team would synonymously agree! Juicy and flavorful patty! Would try the Big Buddy Burger (triple burger) or maybe do the Ultimate Burger Challenge and see how many minutes would I be able to finish the Ultimate Buddy Burger! hahahaha


Carnitas Burrito (135php)

Carnitas Burrito – Flour Tortilla with meat, onions, tomato, beans, salsa rice and cilantro.


Philly Cheesesteak (150php)

One of my favorites at Buddies – The Philly Cheesesteak. Thin steak slices with cheese and caramelized onions on a hoagie bun.

Buddies' Fried Chicken (85php)

Fried Chicken. The kids would love these! Crispy on the outside, flavorful on the inside. You can opt to get a gravy or the interesting sweet soy sauce mixture.


Buddies Burger Steak

My brothers and I love burger steaks! And Buddies’ Burger steak is just Ti amo! We highly recommend the Burger Steak! Order the 2 piece for one wouldn’t be enough!

And for anyone who think they can consume a quadruple patty burger in 5 minutes or less, then come and join the Buddies’ Ultimate Burger Challenge! If you get to do so, get the Ultimate Burger for free and the Buddies’ Conqueror Shirt! Good luck to all burger warriors! Until our next piggin out sessions guys, join us again next week! Let’s all pig out and be merry!

Conqueror Shirt


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