Architect by profession, Averil Maureen Marguerite “Boom”  Ledesma tells me her story on how she traded the drafting board  for an apron to fulfill her passion in baking.  She worked as an architect for some time here in Cebu, but realized that her real happiness is in making desserts. And you wouldn’t wonder why she’s so passionate about food, for this San Carlos local, is part of the family who put up the Tipsy Chef  Restaurant in Negros, where each of the family members contributed their recipes that made up the menu. And now, she’s baking desserts for the love of it and is sharing her passion with the rest of Cebu. Boom owns the online dessert store, Boom Bites!

Boom runs me through Boom Bites’ menu and some of the goodies that she will be launching real soon. Her very bubbly personality and spontaneity, made the interview easy-breezy and quick.  She did mention some dessert names at some points in our conversation and every time she noticed  a blank stare from me, she was polite enough to explain each hybrid dessert.


—— Boom Bites’ Products  —–

Cebu is teeming with many dessert places and we Cebuanos love to eat out. But let’s face it,  there’s also a great number of people who can’t scoot out of the office because they’re too busy beating deadlines and  those who just need to stay home to hit the books.  That’s why, Boom Bites’ desserts-to-go is genius! Who would’t want to bring desserts with them all the time?

Boom Bites’ multi-layered, desserts- in- a- jar called Pots come in 5 varieties, the Holiday Velvet, Banoffee Pie, Mango Sabroso, Blueberry Cheesecake and the Healthy Banoffee.They can be enjoyed either in Pots (200ml) or Poco Pots (100ml) servings.


Boom Bites Poco Pots

From top left to right, bottom, left to right: Boom Bites Poco Pots Blueberry Cheesecake, Healthy Banoffee, Mango Sabroso, Banoffee Pie

The Holiday Velvet is a personal favorite. Layers of chocolate mouse, chocolate pudding and red velvet cake in a jar. It’s not overly sweet and it’s amazing how everything melts in your mouth. Reminds me a lot of  Fudge’s Tre Colore.

Another favorite is the Banoffee Pot. Layers of Grahams, dark chocolate sauce, freshly sliced bananas and whipped cream.Yum!


Boom Bites Pots

Boom Bites Pots: Mango Sabroso Pot (95php) and Holiday Velvet Pot (95php)

Mango Sabrosa Pots are layers of Mango chunks, cream, graham and crackers.

Blueberry Cheesecake Pots are layers of Graham, Cream cheese filling and Blueberry preserve.

Boom Bites Pots

Boom Bites Pots: Healthy Banoffee Pot (110php) and Blueberry Cheesecake Pot(110php)


A guilt-free dessert? Have a Healthy Banoffee Pot! Layers of home made granola, date carmel, fresh slices of banana and yogurt. This made me really giddy about Boom’s soon to be launched healthy dessert line up. Really looking forward to that. 🙂

Boom Bites' Healthy Banoffee

Boom Bites’ Healthy Banoffee

Why dunk your cookie in milk when you can actually drink your milk from it. Boom Bites hacks the cookie shots! And they don’t just look pretty, they taste pretty good too. ^_^

Boom Bites' Cookie Shots

Boom Bites’ Cookie Shots

Boom Bites' Cookie Shots

Boom Bites’ Cookie Shots

With the use of fine ingredients and handmade with love, Boom Bites desserts would surely put a smile on your face. 🙂

To order, text or call 09179728817. Add Boom Bites on facebook:

***A minimum of 3 Pots per meet up

*** Orders should be made 2-3 days ahead your planned meet up